"Fighting the life-long battle of taking it a notch too far" by: Betsy Monico

Last night I did a good deed, not that I am bragging or anything!  I walked over and turned off the water on the berries for my hubby. I still had on my shoes and there was no reason not to lend a helping hand. 
   I also absolutely love making, baking, and especially eating fresh berry cobbler. 
   Hopefully, I earned a nice batch of berries on down the road. 
   When I reached the water faucet, I used one of the greatest lessons my Dad ever taught me. “Righty, tighty, lefty loosey.” The practical tip comes in handy on nearly a daily basis. 
   My Dad also taught me how to drive a golf cart at some point during my childhood. 
   One night I must have begged to park it in the garage. 
   I do not remember the details, but I do recall what happened when I ever so gently crashed the golf cart into the garage wall. 
   It just so happened that the point of impact was at the water faucet, and water went everywhere. 
   When you first learn a new skill, it is natural to want to do it all of the time. 
   In this case, I probably only knew the basics of driving and took it “one notch too far.” (Oh, I wish I could say that my driving record improved, but I would be lying.)
   This one “One notch too far” concept is one that I notice often in life and especially with my family. 
   One of my children is a natural leader, but one notch too far makes her bossy and controlling. 
   At a young age, one of my boys was an analytical, deep thinker. 
   However, anxiety took over when he could not keep his thinking balanced and turn it off. 
   One of my crew is laid back; however, laid back can be lazy when it is not managed. 
   If you look up “peacemaker” in the dictionary, you might find a picture of me there smiling. 
   Wanting peace sounds so nice, but the sad truth is that allowing it to go one notch too far turned me into a people pleaser, and being a people pleaser is horrible. 
   It is a never-ending pursuit, because pleasing everyone is impossible. 
   It is also rooted in insecurity! 
   I hold no degree in theology, but perhaps our greatest God-given strength, intended for good can be our downfall. 
   If pushed one notch too far by the Enemy or by our own selfish pursuits, our flesh takes over. 
   What a waste! It has been a gradual process to get my people-pleasing tendencies back on the right track. 
   I constantly have to keep myself in check with the help of the Lord. Romans 8:6 says, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” 
   The above is from an old column. I have not gathered my thoughts or emotions from graduation weekend enough to write anything new. 
   I will say this though about my previous blog. 
   I no longer try to please the world and everyone in it. 
   I have made progress with my “one notch too far.” 
   My son who once battled anxiety because of his overthinking, graduated Friday night. Presently, he needs to think more! 
   The pendulum swung and looped around swinging! He will head to college this fall. 
   The funny thing here is that Romans 8:6 will help me not worry about him and take my emotions “one notch too far” again because we sure will miss him! Have a blessed week!  

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