"Though the train left the station, there is still time to enjoy the ride" by: John Sample

   Another week and with all that seems so concerning, the equities markets keep going up.  
   Last week the S&P 500 stock-index moved above 3000 and the Dow climbed back above 25,000. This all happened as the FANG stocks, which compose 20% of the S&P 500 stock-index, pushed the market.  
   These companies were enriched by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is remarkable how quickly our world evolves in front of our eyes.  
   It is disconcerting how quickly our attention, as a society, switches from one issue to another.  
   We apparently to have forgotten about viruses and now are focused on discrimination.  
   I wonder what we will be interested in next week.  
   It is almost like most people are focused on one thing while a small cadre of investors are making money on the equities markets.
As bad as things are these days you have someone like Elon Musk sends men to the space station.  
   His car company has changed the cars we drive. Technology moves on at light speed - whether we can keep up is the question.  
   Our means of shopping has evolved from the mall to the computer.  
   Speaking of computers, most of us use our cell phone as a computer, which is more powerful than the machines we had on our desks a decade back.  
   We obtain most of our news through social media rather than newspapers or watching television.   
   The time we spend watching television is not concentrated on four national channels but has morphed to subscription services we obtain through Wi-Fi.  
   Our President communicates to his constituents through Tweets rather than through press conferences.  
   People today don’t use their phone to talk but to text or instagram or Zoom.  
   We use Wikipedia as our source to find information and I use YouTube to learn how to fix almost anything - I have a lot of old things that have to be fixed.  
   I can’t tell you the money that site has saved me.  
   So here you are in the middle of the year and the train has left the nation.  
   Friends ask me what will happen when the next wave of the pandemic comes in the fall or winter without a vaccine.  
   My only response is that by that time, there will be something else to capture your attention for a day or a week.  
   You have to accept the fact that in today’s world, there is just so much noise.  
   It is not the end of the world.  
   This economy is strong and will get stronger but it will look a lot different.  
   That is the nature of capitalism.  
   It has always changed but that rate of change is accelerating. Don’t fear the change just let it move you forward.  

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