"With the help of Jesus, move some mountains" by: Betsy Monico

   It finally feels like summer.
   The temperature has risen in true Texas fashion, online school is complete, and the graduation festivities are behind us.
   We attended our final Class of 2020 party last night to celebrate my son’s best friend.
   Over the years, his parents and we have co-parented to the best of our abilities. 
   Our goal has often been to simply keep them out of trouble.
   They have summer jobs and will head to TSTC in the fall. To be continued…
   My youngest two had a group over Friday night for a bonfire. 
   When it was bedtime, my mom skills were tested.
   I pulled every blanket we had out of the hallway closet and added sleeping arrangements for eight extra kids. 
   After the beds were claimed, I followed Mammaw’s rules and made a double pallet in the girl’s room, a single one in the boys’ room, and transformed couches into beds. 
   Younger moms, please listen to me – one day you will need extra bedding.
   Resist the temptation to sell your comforters and quilts in a garage sale.
   They will come in handy!
   I made a mental note to purchase more pillows the next time I spot a sale.
   We cleaned up the next morning and stuffed everything back in the linen closet.
   We then decided to fish and swim at our lake.
   I got in the water for the first time and floated in a tube with a bottom in it.
   It was wonderful and kept me safe from any alarming aquatic life. 
   I got out before the kids, because I did not like the music and needed to DJ.
   One of my son’s friends cannot swim.
   However, he put on a life jacket and got in the boat to fish.
   When all of his friends got floats and circled up out in the middle of the water, he naturally wanted to join. 
   He is a brave young man, but was afraid even with his life jacket buckled securely.
   We taught him to hold a “noodle” under his arms for an extra support.
   When he first slowly got in, he stayed right by the pier. 
   He learned in five minutes or so though that he could trust his life vest and noddle to help him float. 
   I suggested he hold onto my tube so I could tow him out.
   He declined and clung onto safety for a while longer. 
   All of a sudden – he told me he was ready.
   He kicked his way out to the middle of the lake. 
   He missed out of several minutes of conversation with the others, but did not care. 
   He needed to trust his devices and himself.
   I could not fathom what he was thinking when he ventured into the deep waters, but it was super cool to see him take his time and then safely decide to join the others.
   Nobody could convince him that he was going to be okay. 
   He had to figure it out on his own.
   Mike in the water reminded me of the faith we can have in Jesus Christ.
   The first time we step out in faith and let our Savior lead us into something new, it is terrifying. 
   We have to absolutely trust Him and His Word.
   We too may hover in safe zones for a while, but once we take an initial step and see the Will of God come into fruition through faith, we are changed.
   Trusting our heavenly Father is not rocket science.
   In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says that faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can move a mountain.”
   I say this week we take a step in the direction of faith and with the help of Jesus, move some mountains.    

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