"‘Buffaloed’ put 1 over on me; worst 3-star movie I’ve seen" by: Jessica Shepard

   I’m pretty sure we’ve reached the pop culture lull between semi-newly released movies and the films that have been out for over six months.
   Still, that isn’t much a personal determent for me.
   After all, I’ll watch any movie that’s rated three stars or higher on Redbox’s website.
   And that’s the thing with “Buffaloed,” it had a solid three stars with several users reviews putting it at 4-5 stars.
   Though the film is marketed as “not rated,” I’d put it in a low-end “R” category due to the amount of cursing and violence in the film.
   The movie clocks in at 95 minutes from start to finish and even then, that seems a little long to get to the point.
   Buffaloed is a comedy-drama film directed by Tanya Wexler from a screenplay by Brian Sacca.
   It stars Zoey Deutch, Judy Greer, Jermaine Fowler, Noah Reid, and Jai Courtney.
   Homegrown hustler Peg Dahl (Deutch) will do anything to escape Buffalo, NY.
   She recounts the hardships of growing up with her mother and brother after her father passes away.
   Plus, she really, really hates chicken wings and Buffalo Bills football – a recurring theme in this movie.
   Growing up with a single parent and eyeing Ivy League universities left her desperate for a way to make money – quickly.
   Peg turns to several different illegal activities from selling cigarettes to minors to scalping tickets in the hopes of getting her ticket out of Buffalo.
   That last one gets her into some real trouble though.
   After getting caught scalping, she finds herself crippled by debt after a stint in jail.
   Sadly that leaves her chances of a brighter future outside of her hometown squandered.
   Between her mother’s debt and her own, she’s made a desperate turn to try and stay out of jail while getting a lucrative job as soon as possible.
   One day, a fateful call has her using her street-smart salesman skills to school a debt collector who calls her.
   From there, she shows up at the collection office and tries her hand at collecting debts over the phone on her own in a male-dominated office space run by a shady “debt-collecting kingpin” Wizz (Courtney).
   Sadly, that doesn’t pan out much either because of the percentage commission and the boss that keeps treating her like a stereotypical secretary and is very sexist.
   He even makes passes at her!
   Peg has had enough then and decides to become a debt collector herself and wages war with Wizz.
   In the meantime, we know that Peg’s on a self-destructive path, but it takes a good while for her to realize that.
   It gets so bad that she ends up sleeping with the city’s young district attorney Graham Feany (Fowler) and using him despite actually liking him.
   The resolution is bittersweet and there are plenty of laughs for anyone who’s ever experienced monetary or familial frustration. 

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