"iSnapper: App designed to supplement catch data" By Nicole Pilson Coastal & Marine Resources Texas A&M AgriLife Matagorda County

   Happy snapper season, y’all! Hopefully you have been able to enjoy some gulf fishing…I mean out on the water sounds like a good way to social distance. 
   If you have been a fisher of snapper long enough, then maybe you have heard of the iSnapper app you can download (for free!) on your smart phone. 
   This app was designed to supplement catch data for snapper. 
   Since there are so many commercial and recreational fishermen, the information provided from non-research fishing trips is invaluable and would be almost impossible to get without something like iSnapper. While catch data is an important part of helping manage the snapper fishery, the app also collects other parameters that would otherwise be difficult to obtain including discard rates and depths fished. 
   So why is it important to know this information and collect the data? 
   Unfortunately, many folks think that by entering in their catch it will somehow shorten the season. 
   This is not the case at all. 
   Rather, this information helps improve the fishery and optimize its full potential for both the harvest and economic sides. 
   Snapper fishing is popular and a fun way to spend a summer day, so by self-reporting our catches we can help generate real-time data to improve the beloved fishery. 
   This also ensures usable data for those who manage fisheries, and in turn improves access to red snapper fishing. 
   As a fishery with a high fishing pressure, it is essential we all help ensure it is managed properly.
   This app also does more than collect data on snapper catch rates, it also allows the user to log other species like ling, red drum, and tuna. 
   You can also save your favorite fishing spots and review trip statistics. 
   Not only is the app useful to fisheries researchers and manages, but it will in come handy for you, too! 
   We are all responsible for protecting and sustaining the resources that our bays and oceans provide; this is a small, easy way to ensure we have these resources for those who will come after us. 
   To download the app, go to the app store on your iPhone or Android and search “iSnapper.” You can also visit sportfishcenter.org/outreach/isnapper-app and download the app from the website. 
   Encourage those around you to get iSnapper and self-report their trips and catches. 
   I hope y’all are able to enjoy some fishing this summer. Remember: the private recreational angler red snapper season for 2020 is projected to be open for 63-days in federal waters from the June 1 opening date. However, the season must close once the state’s allotted poundage is reached. 
   You may fish for red snapper year-round in state waters. 
   Stay safe out there!

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