"Trustees give BCISD employees 4% raise; criticize stadium delay" by: Jessica Shepard

   Bay City ISD trustees unanimously approved giving district employees a 4 percent raise as part of the 2020-2021 school year budget and held an intense discussion on construction projects during their regular meeting June 15.
   The approved pay increase will bring the total budget to just over $45.7 million for the school year.
   Board members Bob Klepac, Eddie Nelson, James Scardami, Trent Tinnin, and John DeWitt were present while trustees Jerry Manning and Frankie Cole were absent.
   All trustees weighed in on the salary increase as they addressed their concerns with COVID-19 affecting next year and how to be “fiscally responsible.”
   “I know there’s some sentiment about funding from the state and staying fiscally responsible,” said Trustee James Scardami.
   “I know the cost of living increase is usually between 2 and 3 percent,” he added.
   “So, I would tend to lead towards that to kind of help us catch up to the other districts and make sure that we’re at least beating inflation with the employees’ salaries.”
   “I’ll say that you know there are a lot of unknowns going into this next school year and although we always want to try to give as much to our employees,” added Klepac, who is board president.
   “I guess my only thing is that I agree with trying to be as fiscally responsible as possible,” added Board Member Trent Tinnin.
   “The only other thing, I guess, is that our ultimate goal, which I know the COVID has definitely messed things up, is to be competitive in the market,”
   “I agree with Trent, we do need to get our employees paid and you know with inflation numbers like that if we’re able to do it, we should do it,” said Trustee John DeWitt.
   “Even though COVID has made things so unpredictable. You know next year is going to be really unpredictable and we’ll just have to see what’s going to happen with that.”
   “The only thing I can see is that if we’ve got it, let’s do it,” Trustee Eddie Nelson remarked.
   “We don’t know what the future is going to be. But, if we have it, let’s go for it.”
   Claycomb and Associates assistant project manager Cristina Marrero provided the board with construction updates.

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