"Valiant Pool, aquatics center topics surface at council" by: Jessica Shepard

   City Manager Shawna Burkhart gave an update on the status of Valiant Pool during council’s regular meeting, July 14.  
   “A group of individuals, mostly key stakeholders between the school, Van Vleck, Aquacats and others will join in a discussion about the usage of the pool,” she said.  
   “We’re meeting to vent out ideas to extend the life of the pool and a timeline to accomplish that goal. Or, to find out what we need to make Hilliard Pool suitable for our needs.”  
   That meeting is set for 10 a.m. Monday, July 20, in council chambers at City Hall.  
   Councilman Bill Cornman told council that the aquatics center project is expecting an update Thursday, Aug. 13.  
   “That’s when we’ll get more information about the feasibility study that was done,” he added.  
   “That should give us a realistic view of how everything looks, too,” said councilman Jason Childers.  
   “There’s a lot going on and a lot of emotions connected to this,” said Mayor Robert Nelson.  
   “I just want to say thank you for the facilities and for getting the pool fixed. I appreciate all the support,” said Bay City Aquacats President Andy Spencer.  
   “It means a lot to us as a community of swimmers and we have a strong and great foundation here in Bay City and I look forward to the future of it. I’m glad to know that I have a government that sees that and wants to make life better here.”  

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