Lucio, Blackmon comment on teams’ summer workouts

David Lucio
Head Football Coach
Tidehaven Tigers

   Our workout participation has dropped a lot since the return from our early July break, especially at the jr. high levels.  
   Understandable with the Covid-19 break out and the fear it brings to leave the house.  
   As of today we are planning to play an entire season.  
   I seriously doubt we play an entire season, but that is what we are planning on.  
   The UIL announced its plans Monday (See adjoining story).  
   Rumors are that the season will have a delayed start to it.  
   If they follow the lead of TAPPS, we will not begin play until week 6 of the season.  
   If that is the case, we will have to find an opponent for that week because that is our bye week.  
   As far as our current workouts, we alternate weight training with speed and agility training for jr. high and high school students.    
   Currently we just only work football for sports specific because we can do that outside.  Avoiding being indoors is one way to help with not spreading germs, so we try to be outside as much as possible.  
   So far, Tidehaven plans on starting school Aug. 13.  
   We will prepare for that until we hear different.  
   Our kids are worried about losing out on a football/volleyball season.  
   A lot of them have been preparing for years to compete in their sport for their senior season.  
   Heartbreaking would be an understatement if they didn’t get that opportunity.  
   Everyone seems to be adapting to the mask and safe distancing.  
   As coaches we try to remind them as much as possible but they seem to have picked up the habits pretty easily.  
   Here at Tidehaven we always try to turn every situation into our favor.  
   We motivate the kids by getting them to understand that this is a chance for us to get ahead of those that choose not to grind.    
   They understand and for the most part are following through with it. 
Robert Blackmon
Head Football Coach
Van Vleck Leopards

   Our workouts are going fine. COVID definitely has made it challenging to say the least.   
   We have to keep stressing to keep practicing social distancing, washing your hands, do not share any thing(towels, water, etc.) as well as have them pull up their mask when they are not actively working out, but for the most part our athletes have been great.   
   Yes we are planning on playing a full season until we are told by Uil or District administration otherwise.   
   Our kids attitudes have been optimistic about playing the season. 
   Of course after this past spring season getting cancelled they understand the seriousness of what’s going on as well.   
   I believe our athletes understand that if we want to play in the fall we have to do things now in order for that to take place and wearing a mask is part of it.    
   We as a staff are always stressing to our athletes to stay positive.   
   We send out positive messages via our remind app encouraging them to the small things now in order to reap the rewards later.

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