"Reacting to my senator’s scorn in news reporting" by: Mike Reddell

   I’ve come to realize that maybe I should listen to those voices who say this whole pandemic is, indeed, a scam – a scamdemic. 
   Truly, I’d be better off thinking that the worst COVID-19 could dish out is a bad case of the sniffles. 
   I can’t do that because are 141,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. and the disease can leave a slew of other medical problems if you survive. 
   What I couldn’t do is blame the news media for driving COVID-19 hysteria, as our State Senator Lois Kolkhorst did in a recent Facebook post. 
   Another phrase the she used in reference to news media reporting is agenda driven. 
   Here’s a puzzler. 
   Newspapers – part of the mainstream news media the Senator derides – are shutting down all over America. 
   Other media are laying off reporters and other newsroom people. 
   What do you suppose is the agenda there? 
   We’re pushing the pandemic, the masks, all the while our organizations are closing, shrinking or being sold off to hedge funds. 
   Before anyone of you start in about other businesses closing down during this madness,  
   I get that. 
   I’m saying don’t create some evil the media doing in simply reporting the news surrounding this awful disease when the fact we’re trying to survive just like everyone else. 
   I don’t see any other business accused of pandering to death – or, wait, making up stuff to make COVID-19 seem worse than it is. 
   Guess what, it is bad. 
   I saw a meme posted by a city official that reads, “I say we close down the national media for 30 days and watch 80% of the world’s problems go away.” 
   That’s someone that doesn’t see any good in us. 
   Forget the part they mean the national media, not the local media. 
   Trust me,, that sentiment exists at the local level in copious amounts. 
   I turn 70 in a few weeks and I’ve spent nearly 50 of those years as a reporter or editor. 
   Like anyone else, I’ve had peaks and valleys and have learned a certain degree of satisfaction in my work.  
   That said, my writing long ago and today is still aimed at telling the truth and presenting the facts fairly. 
   So, you’ll excuse if I take exception at anyone wrapping my life’s work into an agenda- or hysteria-driven anything, much less fabricating a virus that sickens millions. 

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