"Week-long rain forecasted dampens summer experiences" by: Jessica Shepard

   Weather Tuesday was much better suited to a reminder of cooler temperatures – fall and winter included. 
   Still, it was a welcome change to have some slow rain rather than overbearing sunshine burning my eyeballs. 
   Unfortunately, this deviation in weather has been credited to tropical conditions in the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season. 
   Now, I’m not a fan of hurricanes at all, but, some much-needed rain is always on the plus side. 
   I’m just not venturing outside for a bit unless required. 
   Mostly because now it’s definitely a sauna outside and partially because rain means I have to wear real shoes instead of sandals. 
   To be completely honest, I’m not really down for that during the summer. 
   They aren’t flip-flops, but still, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps with sandals and wet surfaces. 
   More rain usually means standing water and apparently, it’s unprofessional to enjoy a good puddle splash as an adult. 
   And soaked feet plus air conditioning usually lead to cold toes, but, I think that’s the least of the problems. 
   Not to mention, there’s no swimming outside or even playing around with the dogs when there’s thunder and lightning filling the sky. 
   Too much rain dampens my usual summer-time favorites including snow cones, sandals, swimming and enjoying the late-day breezes on the patio. 
   Though, I can usually substitute and adult beverage for a snow cone and get along indoors fairly fine. 
   Despite COVID-19 lingering around and making get-togethers hard – along with a myriad of other things – we’re pretty much reduced to being homebodies at Casa de Reddell. 
   Which is alright for me, since my anxiety barely pokes its head up in the comforts of home rather than being on high alert once I step foot outside the front door. 
   Rain will also keep more people inside rather than out, so, maybe it’ll help the COVID case numbers die down a bit, too. 
   At least I know that mom’s garden is loving soaking up all the rain and I’m glad. 
   Though I’m not looking forward to anymore zucchini for the future. 
   Outside of that, we’ve got rain well into the forecast for the middle of next week, which can be problematic if the storms aren’t spaced out very well. 
   After all, there’s still a bit of a drainage problem in our area and I think too much could definitely lead to some flooding issues. 
   It looks like we’ll be wrapping up this month as a wet one and then there’s still plenty of time left until the end of hurricane season Nov. 30. 
   I don’t know about you, but, I’m completely fine with just a few rounds of rain versus a full-blown storm. 
   Granted, flooding is bad too. 
   As long as we don’t have a repeat of Hurricane Harvey and other heavy storms in our area, I think we’ll be fine. 
   Slow, steady rain beats harsh thunderstorms and hurricanes any day of the week anyway. 
   The trickiest part if keeping the mosquito population down afterwards!

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