" You can always count on change to make money, smart CEOs know what to do" by: John Sample

   Another week another record high close for the NASDAQ Index lead by Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Microsoft. 
   I am only reminding you of this as many are focusing their attention on politics or the pandemic. 
   Last week while being dragged in front of Congress, several of these companies posted better than expected earnings during these difficult times. 
   My point is to keep paying attention as all is not bad in this world for these companies.
Apple for one posted much better than expected earnings and their forecast was not that conservative either. 
   This is a company that is dealing with China first hand while rolling out new editions of its successful product line. 
   Needless to say that Amazon reported well as did Google. 
   The purported revolt by advertisers on Facebook didn’t seem to impact that company’s earnings either.
   It was not, however, just high tech. 
   Caterpillar reported significantly better than expected earnings. This is an old-line company trading on the whims of the economy. 
   There must be more investment in construction during these difficult times than seems to be realized. 
   We are seeing retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and Dollar Store come in with better than expected results. 
   The same can be said for fast-food retailers like McDonalds and Chipolte.
   I am just trying to make sure during these difficult times that you don’t let all the bad keep you from focusing on companies that are adapting and making money. 
   One only has to look at the likes of AMD and Nvidia to see that there is money to be made. Dominos is benefitting from its home-delivery business. 
   Lowes is seeing rising demand as home owners repair and fix up their dwellings.
   All is not lost to the pandemic. That is what is great about free enterprise, you can change course. 
   Continue to pay attention as many of these companies are reinventing themselves overnight. 
   Adaptability is the key. 
   You only have to look at what Microsoft is today versus what it was a few years ago under Bill Gates. 
   We can always count on change and smart CEOs make money on that fact. 

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