"Counting down days until October, trying to remain positive" by: Jessica Shepard

   You know you’re excited and ready for fall when a “cold front” drops temperatures from the 100s into the low 90s and there’s a slight northerly wind.
   Not to mention a majority of local students are headed back to school in person.
   Things are seemingly creeping along towards a sense of normalcy and there’s still an overall need for caution.
   There’s still plenty of mask/facial covering sweat going on and I’m really over it already.
   I mean, I say that now, but I’ll probably look forward to the warmth when we start getting proper cold temperatures.
   Outside of that, I’m really just counting down the days until Halloween – well, the whole month of October really.
   Still, there’s just over 70 days until All Hallow’s and I’m fighting the urge to start up some old family traditions early.
   Mom and I have already embraced watching horror movies in lieu of something superhero-related or action-packed.
   The only problem is that we’ve been encountering a lot of bad ones and only a few decent films.
   Which usually ends in a disagreement about what to watch because I’m more than fine revisiting old favorites even though half of mine are overly bloody.
   To be fair, it’s all fake anyway and the blood onscreen is mostly just a mix of corn syrup and red dye.
   But, that doesn’t faze mom’s sensitive stomach, so, we tend to skew more on the supernatural horrors or thrillers.
   Much to Mike’s dismay, we’re going to keep doing this for a good while.
   Outside of that, we’re on the cusp of barreling headlong into September and football season.
   Not that I’m big on football anyway, but, I’m still curious to see how this all plays out with UIL mandating 50% attendance and students tackling each other.
   The later part definitely seems not to be conducive to safe social distancing.
   Even then, I know that coaches, teachers, parents and other fans are eagerly awaiting that first kickoff from their home teams.
   Though the temperatures feel reminiscent of fall, everything else just continues to scream summer and I just don’t know what to do with that.
   Well, outside of indulging in a swim every few days, there isn’t much else that sparks any interest in my summer life.
   I guess I can add snow cones to that list, though I get those very few and far between.
   Summer just doesn’t hold the same magic that it did when I was a kid and I can’t tell if that’s an age thing or if it just seems exponentially worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
   It could also be an excess of “work” fatigue, though with travel bans, COVID hotspots and a bunch of occupancy limits it’s still almost impossible to find a vacation that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
   Plus, even if I wanted and planned to take a vacation, I couldn’t go very far because my parents definitely need help running Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.
   Doing tech support over the phone just doesn’t work as well as doing it in person.
   Guess I’ll just have to squeeze out a few hours at home uninterrupted somehow – wish me luck!

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