Coaches’ outlook for this week’s games

Bay City at Sweeny
Head Coach Robert Jones  

   I think we had a pretty good showing overall for the first time going up against another opponent. 
   Our running game looked really good with the stable of backs Davieyon Curtis, O’Dedrick Morgan, Marlon Ford.  
   The defense was flying to the ball. 
   We have preached that from day one 11 hats to the ball and the kids have bought into that mentality. 
   The kicking game was strong with Declan O’Neal the kid has a strong leg so I think he will be a good weapon for us this year. 
    The kids were excited after the scrimmage and it was good to see that because I know they have been working their butts off and it paid off in the scrimmage.  
   We have a long way to go but I feel we headed in the right direction and I could not be happier for the kids and the coaching staff to dominate the scrimmage like we did.  
   This week’s Sweeny game is going to be exciting to see the kids put it all together and I think they are up for the task.   
   We have a great game plan in place so I think if we take care of the football and win in the trenches we will be OK.  
   Sweeny is always a tough opponent and I know Coach Lynch will have his guys ready so it should be a fun night of high school football and both communities are ready to see what we both are bringing to the table this year.  
   With this being my first head coaching job this is going to be a special night for me also personally and to be doing at a place that has molded me into the person I am today is a dream come true.   

Van Vleck at Hitchcock
Head Coach Robert Blackmon

   Hitchcock is an athletic team. Their QB is their main threat and leader. 
   They are very huge upfront and very quick with their skill guys, so defensively we will have quite a task to try and contain their skill position players. 
   Defensively, their LBs are very good. 
   They plan a lot of man coverage concepts with their corner and keep their free safety 15-yards deep, so our passing game will be challenged due to their athleticism.
   We are young, but we have an experienced group at a few important positions. 
   Our offensive line will be our leaders along with Sam Bree at the running back position. 
   Our young inexperienced receiving corps are concerning.

Tidehaven at Weimer
Head Coach David Lucio

   We are coming off a good showing against a very good 4A D2 school.  
   Our young and inexperienced kids played beyond our expectations.  
   Our veterans were dominant at times.  
   We believe that if we can stay healthy throughout the game, and play with high focus we can walk away with a victory. 
   We struggled with cramps in our scrimmage, so we will make it a focus to make sure our kids are eating correctly and doing all the necessary things to keep their bodies from cramping.  
   Watching film, we believe we should dominate up front on both sides of the ball.  As long as we can contain their talented quarterback we should be successful on defense.  
   Offensively we just need to make sure we avoid turnovers and do our jobs.  If we stay focused, and play at a high intensity we should move the ball well.  
   Our number one goal will be to be better than we were a week ago.  If we do that, I believe we can get us a victory. 

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