"The stock market keeps raging against the storm" by: John Sample

   We made it through the decade otherwise known as the month of August. 
   It was a good month for equity investors as the Dow had its largest gain in 30 years.
   The Standard & Poor’s 500 stock-index and NASCAQ index climbed to record levels. 
   The Fang stocks were the big drivers of the equity markets. Tesla climbed over 100% in the last year. Along with Apple, Tesla announced splits in the stock. 
   The theory is that small retail investors will buy now that the stock price is below $100 per share. 
   Tesla is so strong that they announced issuing new shares to raise another $5 billion to use in its battery factories around the world. 
   Apple hasn’t risen as sharply as Tesla, but they have nothing to apologize about.
   Another FANG member, Microsoft, is joining with Wal-Mart to make a bid for the assets of Tik Tok outside China. 
   Oracle has made a competing bid and the winner should be announced soon assuming that China and the U.S. don’t crush the negotiations. 
   I can only imagine that Facebook will have its own version out soon to compete. The rest of the FANG gang such as Netflix, Amazon and Google are moving ever higher.
   An old line company that has taken to the Kool-Aid, Wal-Mart announced it will offer a membership to compete with Amazon Prime. 
   Wally World moving into the digital age is what competition does for consumers. 
   Speaking of change, the antiquated Dow announced a change in its 20 stocks. Out went Exxon, Pfizer and Raytheon. In came Honeywell, Sales Force and Amgen. 
   Those leaving are not necessarily bad companies but the new ones are more on the cutting edge of new technology. 
   It is important to note here that you must continually monitor your investments in stocks. 
   Companies that used to be leaders quickly become laggards - Kodak, Polaroid, Nokia and US Steel. Tesla now has a bigger market cap than all other car companies combined. 
   You don’t forget about your investment. I would say predictions of a company’s demise can be overblown. Many gave Philip Morris a RIP epitaph. 
   I have owned that company for years and the dividend has continued and the stock has recovered. 
   Many say the same thing about the energy sector and Exxon in general due to the emphasis on renewables and battery technology. 
   I would pump the brakes on that though. We have a long way to go before that day comes.
   If staying informed is too much to handle then that is why Exchange Traded Funds are so popular and beneficial.
   Now if the rest of the months mimic August, this year may not end up so bad. Hard to bet on that though. 

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