Letter to the Editor: " Respect means doing the right thing – even if you don’t want to"

   There can only be one reason that the vast majority of us drive the posted speed limit or get our kids vaccinated before attending public school! 
   It is because, we dearly appreciate the fact that doing so protects ourselves, and those whom we love, from harm. 
   But, ultimately, these are accepted as standard practices, which become routinely adopted for the greater good of us all. 
   For if we fail to collectively act in a safe and responsible manner, we can, and often do, thoughtlessly risk the wellbeing of those around us. 
   Thus, such measures are seen as reasonable restrictions on our individual liberties.
Yet, many in American society will not wear a mask, unless it prohibits them from entry into a desired facility where wearing one is required. 
   Those who will not don a face covering, as prescribed by the vast majority of doctors and disease control experts, cite a variety of excuses for not following this proven-effective, anti-infection measure. 
   The most questionable reason presented thus far is that it takes away their personal liberties. So, I must assume many of these rebellious patriots also stay unbuckled when they are racing to the football game, hunt deer with a fully automatic assault rifle and chain smoke in a packed theater so they can fully exercise their God-given rights as freedom-loving Americans? 
    Then, there are those who rationalize that there is no practical need for any of the science-driven safeguards, because the global pandemic is just a great big hoax. 
   And, I now suspect some have quit wearing masks simply because they are tired of the inconvenience and/or discomfort presented by these body-droplet filters.
It is doubtful that these mask rejecters will ever be convinced of the worthiness of having ‘everyone’ wear a face covering in public; at least not until someone close to them is viscously struck down by the virus. 
   Yet, one can pray they would “respectfully and responsibly” accept it as their civic duty to help see that this plague, whether it is believed to be real or simply foolishly perceived, is banished from our land. 
   Therefore, there is hope that those ignoring this easily applied precaution will graciously humor us anxious pandemic believers by properly wearing a nose-and-mouth-covering apparatus when in any setting where they may be in close proximity to others. 
   Unfortunately, being mask-less in public glaringly spotlights an individual as one who probably does not care about their friends and neighbors. 
   And, it is hopefully presumed that this is not be the case at all!
W.R. ‘Willie’ Younger
Bay City

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