"Online wedding reinforces that all you need is love" by: Jessica Shepard

   One of my best friends from college is getting married this Friday in her Florida backyard and I’ve been invited to attend the online ceremony. 
   Now, this is mostly due to COVID-19 still running rampant and isn’t really a new thing for everyone. 
   But, it is my first time participating in one, so, I’m hopeful that it works out in the end. 
   The ceremony is slated for Friday afternoon via Facebook Live and Zoom; so, I’ll have to pick which platform to use and am still deciding if I want to dress up a little or not at all. 
   It just feels a little more realistic if I’m not slumming it in my pajamas, right? 
   I mean, if anything, I can wear a nice top and regular shorts and do a little accessorizing from the waist up because that’s all they’ll really see of me anyway – if I do with the Zoom option. 
   Though, I’m more about embracing the comfort of staying at home and wearing pajamas instead and just watching from Facebook Live. 
   And even then, that’s motivated because it’s a one-way stream instead of being seen as a participant. 
   I’m actually really curious as to how they’ll video the whole thing with two different streaming devices and a small, intimate ceremony. 
   Maybe the streaming devices will be mounted on tripods? 
   Though, as much as I can hope for something like that, I’m pretty sure they’ll be handheld by front-row audience members. 
   Honestly, that’s alright too, so long as the people holding the devices can keep them marginally still the whole time. 
   I’m also a little bit more excited than usual because I’ve been helping said friend plan her wedding and make decisions on the bride’s dress, accessories, and ceremony ideas. 
   It’s a wonderful feeling to know that she’s kept me in the loop and has sought my opinion on things even though I won’t be attending in person. 
   We’re both a little worried about the weather but, so long as it’s not raining, the outdoor ceremony will continue as planned. 
   If rain does ruin the garden plans, they’ll move everything indoors or undercover and proceed with a shorter vow exchange. 
   Either way, I’m glad to be a part of such a momentous occasion and will try to show my support the best way I know how – sharing the love and cheering her on whether she walks the garden aisle or makes a shorter trek indoors. 
   I’m always grateful to have friends who keep me in the loop of their lives and want to include me in important events in their lives. 
   I can only strive to do a fraction of the same and am always excited to share new things online, digitally, or in person. 
   After all, no matter which time zone they’re in or however many miles apart we are, I believe The Beatles said it best: all you need is love. 
   Plus, there’s no better love outside of families than friendship and I treasure all of mine. 


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