"We all have significant jobs and good works in God’s world" by: Betsy Monico

   “This is my story, this is my song” is one of my favorite lyrics from the hymn “Blessed Assurance.” 
   I have mentioned it before, probably once a year, since I started this journey of writing a column. 
   It takes me back to Caney Baptist with my Pappaw, and also the fact that I believe we all have a story, a song, a purpose. My story began in Fairfield, TX back in 1973. 
   More importantly though – it really started when I discovered that God had plans for me. 
   It would be more of a “hook” to say my assignment on earth was still some unknown mystery.  However, I vividly recall when I discovered why God put me here. I am a “kid” person. 
   Don’t get me wrong, I love adults. I visited with one girlfriend on the road last night for over an hour. The random, adult conversations that take place daily in my library keep me going. We laugh and cry on nearly a daily basis. 
   I obviously love adult company, but even the grownups in my life know and fully accept the fact that I really prefer the company of little people! Kids follow me around like little ducks all in a line, without me even trying. I entertain them without even trying! 
   A month or so ago, I was sitting by a fire pit and enjoying adult conversation, but found my way indoors and helped a group of precious young girls build the tent of all tents. My friend probably cursed me the next morning when she had to clean it all up! 
   We used ponytails, rubber bands, and anything we could possible find to create their royal palace!  
   I first knew kids were a key part of my identity, my salvation, and my reason to keep on getting up in the morning at Agnew Middle School in Mesquite, Texas. 
   Those 7th graders changed my life. I taught them literature, grammar, reading, and writing, but they taught me a lot more.
   I discovered I was needed, and that I had a reason to be on this earth. When the old Agnew was torn down and the new one was built, I moved in. 
   That was also the year I invited Jesus into my heart. If I remember correctly, it was my third period who ministered to me in a huge way. That class roll included Levi, Francheska, Jennifer Williams, and the Bouyer twins. 
   They introduced me to Kirk Franklin too. By that point, I was a mother of two as well. 
   Fast-forward many years, and I still credit my students and my own crew for keeping me going! 
   Last week, one of my precious first graders dug deep into her pocket and said she had something to give me. It looked like a piece of thread, but after closer examination and listening to her explanation, it was a flower. 
   It was more brown than yellow, dried up than flourishing, but I loved it and knew what she meant. She absolutely made my day, my week! 
   Even though I claim to know my purpose here on earth, so much is still unknown to me and my life is definitely full of struggles, ups and downs. 
   Ask the Lord this week why you are here. We all have significant roles and a job in the Kingdom. When you find yourself in doubt, read Romans 8:28 out loud 
   “We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purposes.” 

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