"Working it out on how to seek God’s help in our world" by: Mike Reddell

   Some weeks ago, I wrote a column about taking photographs at the Matagorda Jetties. 
   To refresh what happened, I was stepping on the uneven granite stones at the end of the pier and then I began to fall. 
   I wrote at the time that an invisible force stopped me – as in complete stop. 
   A close Bay City friend wrote that I should have made clear that it was the hand of God that stopped and saved me from doing some real harm to myself. 
   The Lord deserved my thanks, my recognition of his saving grace in a newspaper column. 
   Truly this is my public forum and it should have been used to explain what he had done. 
   Of all of the hundreds of subjects I’ve written about over the past four decades of column writing, I’d never written God’s gifts to me. 
   Like many of you reading this, I pray for the Lord to help us, to save us, to guide us from a year that ushered in so much pain and suffering on so many levels. 
   I’m always struck by the fact that everyone worldwide is affected by the same things. 
   And yet we’re not affected the same way – we’ve all got our 
different takes on the pandemic, economic fears and the great disparities and reactions to racial and societal inequalities. 
   I wonder when I pray to God about fixing our world that if  what I’m seeking is different from another person’s prayers - and I’m certain their prayers aren’t the same.
   Of course they’re different, but the Lord wants to hear us asking for ways to make things better.
   I guess I’ve always known that God is aware of my inner struggles for my prayers to be heard. 
   But I do know most of us are seeking God’s help to fix things through the way we lead our lives, even if we really don’t share the same outcomes.
   Today, I don’t know what outcomes to ask for in crazy 2020.
   I wouldn’t presume to grok what can get us back on an even keel.
   Then, of course, I always feel compelled to ask God to guide me in being that person who can help. 
   And there’s where I meet the challenges within me that must be answered. 
   We’re all hurting and that’s where I’ll begin my prayers and start working on how I live my life and, perhaps more importantly, how to make the changes I can do.

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