"Online wedding good, 2020 apocalypse bingo bad" by: Jessica Shepard

   After attending my first-ever online wedding, I can say that I might have overthought it last week when I was in the middle of preparing myself.
   I did choose the Facebook Live option so that I could watch without worrying too much if I accidentally turned my phone’s camera or mic on by accident.
   Plus, I didn’t really feel up to dressing nicer than my usual Friday casual wardrobe choice – let alone wearing makeup and figuring out what to do with my hair.
   And I know that if I had attended in person or even with the camera, my friends wouldn’t have minded what I chose to wear or how I looked.
   Though I can’t say the same for their audience and that’s an anxiety trigger that’s hard to get rid of.
   So, I made do and enjoyed the Floridian garden wedding from the comfort of our dining room in Texas.
   My absolute favorite part was then they read off their vows to each other instead of plain old traditional lines.
   The whole ceremony definitely highlighted their creativity and commitment as a couple.
   Even though I’m several hundreds of miles away, I am glad to have been included in their special day.
   It also made me consider what sort of wedding options I’d have if I ever have one at all.
   I might just forgo such a tradition altogether and do the elopement sort of thing and just tell people when I get back home.
   I’d just have to find a partner that would be OK with that.
   Outside of that event, the days have been fairly mundane and boring since we’re still enduring COVID-19 mask mandates and have active cases in our county.
   I’d hoped that by now, people would stop considering the pandemic as a hoax and really just put their best feet forward to follow the rules.
   Saying that, I’m no longer optimistic in the face of this year’s election, flu season or other plagues hounding our world.
   It’s almost like 2020 is the world’s worst game of apocalypse bingo and I’m losing hope that by the end of the year we’ll be in somewhat of a better place.
   We’ve almost run through the list of hurricane names for this season and we still have a month and a half left of the season!
   Not to mention the socio-economic disparities looming at an all-time high and no end in sight.
   There’s just so much to tackle all at once and the need for change is overwhelming!
   It’s also really depressing to try and keep a positive attitude in the wake of so much misinformation and willful ignorance.
   I guess that’s the hardest part for me to understand – willful ignorance.
   Nearly everyone has a smartphone or internet-capable device nowadays and if they don’t they know where to access one.
   That means, it wouldn’t take long to Google search a topic and find factual articles backed by science and not just opinion pieces.
   And I’m well aware that this is my opinion piece, but, I’m hoping to encourage someone – anyone – to seek the truth and educate themselves with the facts before Nov. 3 because it very well is the election that’ll change all our lives - for better or worse. 

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