"Your relationship with God must be a priority to have a full life" by: Betsy Monico

   Sunday afternoons I typically grab my computer to write my column and then tuck it away for the week. Well, not today. After I finish this, I am going to tackle my “Google Classroom” and get my lesson plans posted. 
   Since I took the plunge and reentered a classroom just a few weeks ago, I have thankfully managed to stay at least one day ahead. 
   Our district set us up well to manage the 2020 schoolyear; however, most educators need a magic wand and for a few extra hours to appear daily to get our tasks accomplished. 
   A fellow teacher just texted me. She is working on her virtual classes too. We both got some coffee and agreed to pray for each other. I have learned more the past few weeks and been more challenged professionally than I have in many years! It reminds me of my first year in the classroom at Agnew Middle School. I moved into that portable building out by the gym and often thought I had bitten off more than I could chew.
Even with the ups and downs, challenges and changes, going to school for the first few weeks since last March has been great! The kids are so happy. They love going to the library as a class for new books and reading. Complaints about classwork are few and far between. 
   Our first “cold snap” last week really got them going at recess. I stood back and took it all in. Soccer, flag football, kickball, and basketball provided an outlet for many to get out their energy.  
   I spotted potential “monkey bar blisters” in the making, kids playing traditional tag, and a few groups of girls and boys sheepishly talking to each other about who likes who. 
   Fairfield hosted our first junior high football games last Thursday night and followed up Friday with varsity. Our band showed out! We raffled off an autographed helmet. 
   One lucky gentleman was chosen to throw a football into a truck window for a chance to win $5,000 cash. Our local dealership started this fun event and is donating the proceeds to the Eagle Booster Club…good stuff! 
   I helped for a little while in the concession stand Thursday night. I was in total awe over the kids who were old enough to play ball and cheer! I did a double take over and over again when they came up to order their snacks. I know my crew is big and old. 
   I see them all of the time. The junior high kids were just babies though! They now tower over me and talk like young man and women. What a joy it is to live here and watch these groups grow up, but it happens too quickly. 
   Somedays sure do drag. We all get tired, down, and humbly deal with issues that wear us out; however, time is really fleeting!  
   When I was so busy with my four, I would always pray that “I didn’t miss it.”  
   The “it” meant our daily blessings and life lessons from the Lord. This house is quiet now with only two Monico kids at home. 
   We miss Brazos and his stories! I am happy for him in college, but there is a void! 
   Younger parents, running to and fro like crazy, trust me-it goes quickly. Psalm 90:12 says “Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” 
   This verse tells me to appreciate and fully live every day. In order for that to happen, my relationship with the Lord must be priority – and there comes the wisdom. 
   Have a blessed week and don’t miss your it!

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