"Remember you’re loved this week and a Child of God" by: Betsy Monico

   Can a loss ever be a win? Well, I fully confess to not being the most competitive person. 
   I often claim victory when everyone else seems defeated. Gosh, I like green participation ribbons! 
   My personality screening many years ago revealed to me, not by a surprise, that I am a Sanguine. 
   Us Sanguines mix, mingle, help, and always desire for everyone around us to be happy. 
   In another study, I gained the honor of being an otter! Otters play and create amusement; however, we often leave tasks unfinished and drop the ball. 
   We drop it because we are too busy tossing the “whatever” up into the air, entertaining others, and amusing ourselves to even recall our initial objective. 
   Otters love and master life’s circus rings well. This “circus ring” can drive others crazy too. 
   It is our nature to create chaos, but we sure can try to overcome our limitations and branch over to the other side of responsible living. 
   Thanks to some amazing mentorship and the Word, I am always working on my natural tendencies and trying to be more well-rounded. Life is a process. I believe that finished products gain their wings and reside in heaven. 
   I am in the process stage! 
   Okay, back to the wins and losses thing...our volleyball team rocked this week with wins against Teague and Groesbeck. 
   Our 5th grade “Human Battleship” game ended in a tie Friday…never again though will our students doubt their map grid knowledge and the importance of listening skills. It was real. 
   Our football team came up short last night in Robinson. 
   I seriously disputed on going or not. The volleyball games went longer than anticipated. I got tired, but my crew insisted that we were. 
   I pushed through and suppressed my excuses. Thanks to the positive peer pressure, we made it to Robinson - better late than never. 
   When I got home and looked at my pictures from the night, my heart was full of joy. 
   I enjoyed the road trip with my sister in law, daughter, and two of her friends. My oldest son lives in Waco now. 
   He came with his roommates. Two of them have little brothers playing. 
   Their college stories from the week, Eagle football memories, and insight entertained us in the stands. 
   My youngest daughter and her friends got the “Terrible Towels” going. This student fan group began years ago. 
   It is simple this year because of Covid confusion, but Mrs. Crawford brings extra bells and they make as much noise as they can. Blaise was proud that a few 9th graders joined in with them. 
   My favorite drum major came to sit with me in the 3rd quarter. 
   It is a beloved tradition we began last year. 
   After the game, because of the exit gate in Robinson, we were allowed to visit with the players and coaches. Brazos, Tyler, Zane, and Chad reunited with the coaches and their families. 
   The hugs and handshakes were something else to sit back and watch.  
   We night concluded with Bowen versus Tessa cartwheel competition.
   The scoreboard did not show the massive amount of love shown and shared throughout the evening. There was obviously some anger over calls and plays, but I was encouraged by the love.  That thought was solidified this morning when my favorite verses popped up. 
   1 John 3:1 says, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called Children of God! And that is what we are!”
   I needed that wonderful reminder. Remember you are loved this week and a Child of God. 

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