"Tropical Storm Beta brings drizzly rain, boredom" by: Jessica Shepard

   When I’m struggling to write a column for the week, I go back and re-read some of the ones from about the same time as last year and hope to find inspiration somewhere.
   Sadly, that’s not happening this year.
   On one hand, I’m blaming my terrible sleep schedule for my lack of muse and on the other I’m blaming the weather.
   When Beta was first announced as a Tropical Storm, we were informed to expect a hurricane.
   Now that we’ve weathered the storm so to speak, all it was an extended rainstorm with a bit of wind and minor flooding – both of which I’m easily used to handling.
   Granted, plenty of other people suffered in the wake of this storm with flooding in low-lying areas, but, it wasn’t nearly as bad as Hurricane Harvey as when it dumped over a foot of water on Matagorda County.
   Beta only made me want to curl up to watch horror movies and nap rather than work on writing or even pay attention to music.
   Still, I managed to get some work done and grasp the sheer wisps of motivation from the clutches of weather-borne boredom.
   Sadly, the drizzly rain and gusty winds from the North inspired my mom to taunt Mike and me with promises to start the fireplaces because it was too “cold” for her.
   Truthfully, I haven’t had any reason to stress over the storm but that threat was enough for me to have a mini-meltdown.
   Neither Mike nor I ever get cold until the temperature dips near 40ish degrees and vehemently expressed our displeasure at mom’s teasing.
   Though, we did relent and let her turn the air conditioning up to 74 degrees for the house even though I think 73 is warm enough.
   Thankfully, she didn’t follow through with her taunt and just switched from shorts to pants and socks instead of flip flops and shorts.
   Though that also left me delegated to running errands outside of the house for her today – not that I minded too much since she let me drive her car instead of sweating buckets in my car.
   However, the one thing we couldn’t get her to deviate from was dinner plans.
   Mom opted to make chili Monday night and though I’m usually a fan in colder weather the prospect of something spicy and temperature hot definitely dented my appetite.
   I’m a firm believer that chili, stews, and soups are dedicated for cooler weather and not 70ish degrees with high humidity and/or rain.
   Even when I was growing up and my grandmother made soup in the middle of the summer, it was a struggle to eat it and often times I waited until it was lukewarm.
   There’s just something about being hot outside and inside that annoys me to no end.
   Plus, now that I’m over 30 years old, my body isn’t too keen on anything spicy or heavy on the tomatoes – cooked or raw.
   Gone are the days of my youth when I could eat something hot enough to burn my tongue off or enjoy tomatoes on my burgers or salads.
  And yes, I know exactly how that sounds to some of our older readers!
   Still, I’m glad we’re together doing this newspaper thing and working from home so we can keep an eye on things and stay safe.
   I hope you all are finding the silver linings in the storm clouds, too. 

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