"Blue hair and other weird colors are anything but boring " by: Jessica Shepard

   The other day I was mistaken for a high school student. 
   Now, I know that I’m the youngest person at the Sentinel, but I’ll also be 33 at the end of this month. 
   I can confess to being pleasantly surprised and very amused during the little mishap and still have a smile on my face days later. 
   Though now I’m worried about that person’s eyesight. 
   I’ve got dark blue hair again – something I know that’s against most school dress codes, if not all of them in our area. 
   In fact, my hair is still a bit of contention among people I run into during the day-to-day office operations or covering an event. 
   I know my mom hates it, but, she’s pretty much given up on trying to coerce me into maintaining some semblance of normalcy when it comes to my hair. 
   And to be truthful, I’ve been doing weird hair colors since I graduated in 2006. 
   I’ve had everything from blue to hot pink and all sorts of colors and styles in between. 
   I just always fall back on blue because I found a brand of dye I like best that fades out to a silver color when the blue washes away. 
   Plus, it’s fun when I go to schools and get to take pictures of kids because it definitely gets their attention and leads to the best pictures – or so I believe. 
   My other argument for having blue hair is that it’s more temporary than something like tattoos or a piercing and that usually gets most other professionals to just laugh it off. 
   Not that there’s any sort of problem with tattoos or piercings for me, I’ve got plenty of friends with both to varying degrees. 
   Truthfully, I’ve never understood why it was such a big deal if the art wasn’t offensive and didn’t hamper anyone from doing their job. 
   Not to mention, employers like HEB and Walmart are relaxing into it more and I’m glad to see cashiers with fire engine red hair or other employees with the occasional eyebrow piercing. 
   I mean, things could be so much worse than abnormal hair and other body modifications! 
   After all, we’re still under a mask mandate, and though it’s sometimes a struggle to recognize someone with half their face covered, at least my blue hair helps me stand out. 
   I fully endorse wearing art on one’s own body and not just in clothing or accessories. 
   As it is, if we keep these face coverings up and on, I’ll probably start doing a little decorating to mine. 
   I mean, flu season is expected to pick up this month as it is and could possibly last through February and into May. 
   Maybe we should keep the masks on for that, too? 
   At the very least, I’ll probably wear mine up until the very last possible moment – especially when it gets colder. 
   Until we’re in the clear, I’m still fully endorsing masking up and hope that you all are taking care of your health and hygiene. 
   Don’t forget to wash reusable masks if you have them and your faces and hands! 

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