Letter to the Editor: Naked nose syndrome spreading like wildfire

Dear editor, 
   It appears that most citizens have courteously accepted the advice and/or mandates to wear a mask in public. 
   Yet, there are some who mysteriously feel compelled to cover only their mouth with these pieces of New Normal apparel. 
   I’m sure that by now everyone must be aware that the coronavirus is transferred from one person to another through the air as contaminated droplets from an infected party. 
   And, surely, they must also know that almost all humans routinely inhale and exhale through their nostrils. 
   Yet, this growing fashion trend suggests to me three possible reasons why so many leave their shiny noses buck naked: 
   They have chosen to cavalierly ignore the fact that ‘up the nose’ is where the virus (if present) is prone to concentrate and, therefore, this is where Covid-19 test samples are most often obtained? 
   They have not quite made up their mind as to whether Covid-19 is real…or not. 
   So, they opt to reflect their confusion and uncertainty by being only halfway (50%) cautious when they do wear their mask? 
   This is their semi-enthusiastic way of supporting their preferred political ideology and/or it is a visual sign they perceive the mask requirement to be an intolerable violation of their civil rights? 
   Naked-nose advocates do not protect themselves or anyone near them! 
   So, whatever drives these potential sickness spreaders (and catchers) to only partially cover their face… it is blatantly irrational, ridiculous and dangerous!  
      To me, it would be much safer if they did not wear a face covering at all. 
   Then, this glaring omission would clearly let me, and other cautious souls, know that these reckless folks must be aggressively avoided at all cost. 
   The same goes for those wearing masks equipped with one-way valves designed to permit unrestricted exhaling and, thereby, lets their droplets spew forth freely. 
  W.R. ’Willie’ Younger 
   Bay City

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