"September will go down as worst month since March, but quarter rose over 50% " by: John Sample

   Another September will be in the books and it was painful again. 
   September will go down as the worst month for the equities markets since March. 
   The third quarter, however, rose over 50% above the lows set in March. 
   Though there has been some profit taking in the high tech stocks, they tend to find favor after pulling back.
   I don’t actually see value, but in this market of volatility one could look for short-term trades. 
   It goes without saying that where the FANG stocks go, the market will follow.
   The economy is hotly debated on almost a daily basis. 
   There are many that suggest that the Federal Government hasn’t provided enough stimulus. 
   There are fiscal hawks alarmed at the amount of debt piled up from previous measures. 
   You only have to look at the airline industry that will lay off workers this week. 
   There are cities entering their fiscal year having to cut and raise taxes. 
   A big part of this election debate will be how much the public feels the government should support. 
   I know this, if you are the one losing your job, you would really appreciate any help.
   Just in case this wasn’t enough bad news, it was reported that over 1 million people have lost their lives to Covid-19. 
   We are entering the fall where any and all predictions are that the number of cases will rise. 
   That is coming without a vaccine yet to be approved. 
   You take that good news and then get to watch two old men take to the podium this week to debate the best course for this country and I am amazed the markets aren’t in true fee fall.
   As a matter of distraction, I would offer that possibly you might look at this market as an opportunity. 
   With interest rates at effectively zero, you might look at alternatives for your savings growth. 
   I would suggest looking at Chevron. 
   It pays a dividend that it can cover and it is the best of the energy stocks. 
   Another sector to consider is banking. 
   Look at the preferred issues for Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. 
   What I would avoid just running after the highest yield that you can find. 
   There is always a reason for such high yield and it is risk. 
   Probably not something your savings needs to undertake. 


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