"Trust in the Lord forever, for God is an everlasting rock" by: Betsy Monico

   I randomly found an article from 3 years ago today and marveled at how much has changed since then.
   Our family of six is now four. I did the math and knew that was coming…but I never dreamed that 2020 would introduced us all to Covid and change the way we live.
   When I read my previous column and entertained my old worries and concerns, I realized how good life was back then. 
   I probably took the normalcy for granted. We all did! We crave “normal” now, but are also “stomaching” the fact that much of life beyond our control.
   Previously I shared…Routines here are a must. I allow flexibility, but with a large family…knowing what is needed for the day, preparing, and getting out of the door on time is a necessity.
   Friday mornings typically equal FCA at the junior high and then pep rallies at the high school. I make my rounds at both and end up so hyper and thankful for “my people” that the rest of the day flies by.
   Last week was different though. Our high school play-off game was slated for Thursday; therefore, the pep rally moved to Thursday. 
   My youngest son, the 9th grader, got moved up to varsity, meaning he could suit up with his big brother and all of his friends. 
   Because it was his first week to attend the “varsity” breakfast, he rode to town with Brazos.
   They set alarms for 5:50. Little sister and I planned to sleep in and be at the pep rally by 7:45. 
   We evidently piddled too much and ended up leaving here later than anticipated.
   Showing up to the party late is typically not a big deal to me, but with both Monico boys walking onto the court and huddling up for the pep talk, it was BIG! Half way to school, 
   I aggressively passed two cars. 
   They were going under the speed limit. 
   When we reached the red light in town though, I glanced in my rear view mirror and noticed a familiar sight.
   The car I passed was right behind me. I felt so incredibly stupid because I rushed to get ahead, wasted gas when I accelerated, and ended up right next to the car I zoomed by.
   I knew this particular lesson was intended as a gentle reminder for me to slow down and stop trying to anxiously get ahead. I needed to push pause more often and appreciate my blessings.
   Back in the day when I had cancer and drove to town with my kids, I thanked the Lord for what I would one day see when I regained my health. I said things out loud like…I will one day watch you graduate. 
   Thank you, Lord, I will see this one get married.
   Thank you, Jesus, I will be in the stands cheering when my boys play football. 
   I realized that one of God’s promises was fulfilled in my life. There have been many, too many to count.
   That confirmation of the Lord’s fulfilled promises concludes my old column and now I wonder…why did I fret about being late to a pep rally? 
   Our last one was cancelled, along with two of our football games because of Corona. 
   I currently have two kids quarantined because of close contact with a positive case.
   I voiced my frustrations last week to a precious co-worker. 
   She said “What is God trying to teach you and us all with this mess?” 
   I wanted to fuss at her, but did not because Isaiah says, “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

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