"County OKs new animal regulations" by: Jessica Shepard

   After a brief public hearing, commissioners unanimously approved updating the animal regulation statutes as part of their regular meeting Monday, Oct. 5.
   Last updated in 1986, the regulations now reflect that the leash law is still in effect along with recommending owners to microchip animals, and the county’s hopes for a larger, no-kill facility.
   “We only recommend microchipping pets, but, the county has no way to keep a log of them,” explained County Attorney Denise Fortenberry during the public hearing.
   “But, there are local veterinarians who do keep track and animal control officers and the impound do check for chips when an animal is brought in.”
   Fortenberry added that the changes include the total number of animals a person can own and recommends spaying/neutering but does not enforce it.
   “I just want to let everyone know that we have an animal problem in this county,” said Animal Control Officer Max Cruz.
   “It’s getting worse and worse every year. There’s just not enough rescue groups taking them and the impound is full all the time. We’ve also got a lot of people breeding dogs.”
   “Do we know if it’s more of a problem in the city or our rural areas?” asked Precinct 2 Commissioner Kent Pollard.
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