"A good economy can cure what ails you" by: John Sample

   This year just keeps up with the unexpected. 
   The President contracted Covid-19 and was admitted to the Walter Reed hospital. 
   It does appear that he is on the road to recovery. 
   I am wondering whether I will get infected or the vaccine first. 
   Luckily I am not as apt to be exposed due to my rather hermit existence.  
   I am currently visiting with my daughter’s family which encompasses four boys. 
   I am not sure Covid could make me anymore tired than keeping up with my young grandsons. 
   It appears that the news from the White House that the President is doing well will support the market.  
   It didn’t hurt that the employment claims announced Friday were positive. 
   We shall see how much longer the trend continues as the airlines, Disney and public works employees are facing furloughs now that October has arrived. 
   I will say though that advertising is on the rise with the election. 
   You can’t make it 15 minutes without being bombarded.  
   I can only say that Halloween could not be as spooky as living through the next month.  
   I would say at least it will be over soon but that isn’t guaranteed. 
   As investors we must recognize that we have entered the last quarter of the year.  
   I see positive movements in the index no matter who gets the vote. 
   There are just too many positive economic signals. 
   Don’t let the smoke distract your focus.   

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