"How will we take care of our population to earn living wage?" by: John Sample

   Another week and more gains in the various equity indexes and averages. 
   I would assume that many of you have received your statement as it concerns the performance of your retirement plan portfolio. 
   It has to make you smile. The big question though is what will happen in this last quarter. 
   I’ve said in this column for quite some time that I believe that the equity markets will do well in the last quarter. 
   I base that on more and more companies producing positive earnings reports. 
   There is an unfortunate caveat in that however. 
   These earnings reports reflect large companies’ earnings. 
   The problem in this country is that small businesses are being crushed. This is real side of free enterprise where the weakest of the herd gets eliminated. 
   If there is an upside to this process, then it is the ability of people to regroup and move in another direction. 
   That is at least the theory we have operated on in this country. 
   You once worked hard and it would all work out for you and yours. 
   The problem today is that many are not trained in the areas that are looking for employees.
   It has always been my opinion that it should be companies’ responsibility to train its workers. 
   I know that as I moved through my corporate career that I leaned numerous new skills. 
   When I started we did accounting work on 12-column green sheets. 
   We were able to convert to computers to do such tasks in a fraction of the time. 
   I wrote programs to assist in that effort and had little or no computer classes in college. 
   We all have intellectual talents that need to be released to achieve our potential.
   That is where I feel the real challenge in this country will rest. 
   How will we employ our workers? Elon Musk has warned that artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs. 
   How will we take care of our population as far as earning a living wage? 
   You will hear more on how it is the government’s responsibility to take care of its citizens. There will be many labels tossed around to describe these efforts and I’m not sure any are correct in nature.
   I continue to believe in free enterprise and the unique nature of a creative mind. 
   The great thing about our country is that you can fail and overcome such. 
   I don’t see the setbacks we now face as the end of the line, but just a new path to take. 
   The positive nature of the free enterprise system gives me hope for the future, no matter which path we take. 
   That includes however the upcoming election turns.

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