"I don’t know what Nov. 3 means for wearing masks" by: Mike Reddell

   I keep hearing around town from various folk that the masks go off Nov. 3.
   I’m assuming that means that the whole COVID-19 ordeal will be over when one political party or the other wins out.
   Usually, it’s Republican partisans inferring the masks and pandemic is a Democrat-media concoction aimed at hurting Trump’s re-election.
   So it could be a win-win situation.
   If the GOP prevails throughout Nov. 3, then presumably the offending masks will disappear.
   Or does it mean that if the Democrats win, they will announce the pandemic theater is over and the masks can be shed and social-distancing will be a thing of the past.
   And what about the whole suffering and sacrificing because of COVID-19, not mention 215,000 or so deaths?
   Haven’t heard that part of the tale and Trump’s people say the 215,000 COVID-19 deaths are inflated.
   So someone who’s in the know – because I’m sure not – tell me what it means when someone loudly mumbles this mask thing will end Nov. 3.
   By the way, most people I’ve heard say that weren’t really into following COVID-19 protocols anyway.
   I mean, if you’re going around and saying that around town to anyone within earshot, it’s a thing, right? 
   I’ll bet most football teams at all levels would be hoping the pandemic scam – if there is one – would be over so players could hear the full effect of their fans screaming.
   A&M played Florida last Saturday – and won, I’ll gratuitously add – before 25,000 people scattered throughout Kyle Field as part of COVID-19 protocols.
   That’s 25 percent of Kyle Field’s 100K (give or take) capacity.
   But Florida Coach Dan Mullen thought the screaming Aggies sounded way more than 25,000 and I’m guessing he has already asked the NCAA for a full-capacity at The Swamp (Florida stadium nickname). 
   He’s ready for the pandemic to be over, particularly since five of his players tested positive for COVID-19 this week.
   I wonder if some coaches far and wide are looking forward to Nov. 3 and full stadiums?
   Look, I’m tired of wearing the mask, particularly since none of them that I’ve worn fit my face.
   But there are people dying and getting sick out there – my daughter-in-law was one of them a few weeks back.
   I’d also love for the pandemic to go away since that would silence the anti-maskers complaints. Right?    

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