"Trying Razzoo’s for the first time ever yields delicious results" by: Jessica Shepard

   I recently went on an adventure to Rosenberg with my best friend Jessie and had my first-ever experience eating at Razzoo’s Cajun café just down the road in Sugar Land. 
   I know that you probably can’t believe such a confession, but, it’s true and I’m glad we were finally able to rectify my curiosity. 
   Plus, it seems a little weird to admit something out loud to our readers, but, it’s true. 
   My Cajun cuisine experience has been woefully underdeveloped outside of my uncle’s occasional gumbo from childhood memories. 
   Well, and that one time I tried fried alligator on a stick at the Texas Renaissance Festival – and that time made me want a bottle of barbecue sauce to make up for the dried out fare. 
   So, I was a little bit out of my depth and to be fair, I know it isn’t like, the most legit Cajun food ever, but, certainly was more than I was initially expecting. 
   In fact, I have to admit to being overwhelmed when I got my hands on a menu. 
   To err on the side of caution, I settled on a pasta dish featuring grilled shrimp and blackened chicken and was not entirely disappointed. 
   Plus my friend and I shared fried pickles for an appetizer and coated those bad boys liberally in ranch dressing. 
   I have to admit those were better than the ones that I’ve usually had around here too – thicker cut pickles with thicker batter and served piping hot rather than lukewarm. 
   Dessert was this sinful strawberry cheesecake sundae concoction in a frosted glass that nearly put me into a food coma. 
   So, I have to give Razzoo’s a pretty outstanding  positive rating and am going to try and get mom to go next time we’re in Sugar Land. 
   We’ll see how well that goes since her favorite restaurant in the Rosenberg area is Cracker Barrel. 
   I prefer having a variety of options at my fingertips when it comes to food and am happy to add Razzoo’s to my list of preferred places. 
   With that being said, we’re still trying to iron out the details for my birthday celebration next week. 
   We’re unable to agree on what to eat, but are circling around some sort of barbecue food instead of my highly desired lasagna – only because my siblings are weird alien transplant humans and don’t like lasagna or most pasta dishes. 
   I still don’t understand how genetics let that scenario pan out, but, here we are. 
   I’m also looking at alternatives and considering a casserole of sorts or getting my hands on something from one of my favorite local restaurants before they come into town to visit. 
   Still, I’ll probably just settle for grilled hamburgers or something while we celebrate the death of summer poolside. 
   It makes sense to do something like that so the whole family can hang out together longer. 
   Though I am putting my foot down for our traditional pumpkin carving event and maybe some videogame competitions or Halloween movies. 
   After all, the most important part of spooky season is the chance to indulge in horror movies and classic Halloween favorites like “Hocus Pocus” or “Casper.” 

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