"We only have to make it two more weeks to the election" by: John Sample

   All I can say is that Nov. 3 can’t get here too soon.  
   I voted early and it took longer to walk in and out than it took to vote, which totaled less than 5 minutes.  
   That was at least accomplished but the political ads are relentless. I can only say that the amount of money being spent is astronomical.  
   It wouldn’t be so bad if the same ad wasn’t run every 15 minutes.  
   I’m at the point that I hardly care who wins - just end this. Now I know what psychological warfare is like.  
   As for the equity markets, it seems that earnings are not as important as stimulus packages.  
   I do believe that we need to help small business.  
   It does bother me, however, that there are hundreds of millions of unspent stimulus dollars from the previous stimulus.  
   Small businesses do need our help or they will be gone, if not already.  
   I do not see this as a positive for the equities markets.  
   The companies that make up the various indexes and averages are not based on small business and have adapted on the fly.  
   It almost makes as about much sense as investing in companies with triple-digit earnings multiples.  
   I know that growth is the engine of the equities market, but this is almost beyond real.  
   That of course was said about Amazon and Netflix. The times they are changing. 
   I noticed the other day that several airlines are talking about bringing the Boeing 737 Max back into service.  
   It was also announced that more than 1 million passengers flew in a day last week.  
   These are small baby steps, but it appears we are finally moving forward from the lockdown.  
   We have far to go, but at least there is progress.  
   We, of course, have to make our way through this winter and the realization that the number of Covid-19 cases will increase.  
   It is already happening. 
   We are getting the next phase of quarterly earnings reports and they are more to the positive side of the ledger.  
   I still believe the last quarter of 2020 will be good for the markets and 2021 will be excellent - no matter who wins the election on Nov 3.  
   That is the one great thing about this country. We move forward whoever we elect.  
   We actually move forward faster the less they do to help.  
   As bad as the pandemic has been, we are adapting and moving forward.  
   Change is here whether you like it or not. 
   Those that adapt will be the winners. 

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