"Work on ups, downs of press box elevator" by: Mike Reddell

   Hey, there’s good news about the Memorial Stadium press box elevator. 
   The elevator has malfunctioned for two straight Friday nights following Blackcat games. 
   When the elevators act up, everybody up there – announcers, coaches, spotters, and radio – have only one avenue toward freedom and that’s to walk down the steep slope of stairs. 
   Perhaps that doesn’t seem like too big a deal, unless you have lower back problems. 
   And then there’s additional question why the elevators are acting up so quickly after the stadium construction was completed earlier this year. 
   The issue surfaced briefly at school board Monday night, only as a mention of it’s being worked on. 
   I hate long-winded repair explanations. 
   If you’re wondering how all of those people were in the towering, mile-high (not really) press box, it worked earlier in the day when everybody wanted to ascend. 
   Later, it didn’t go up or down. 
   Then someone has to go up and unlock a door connecting the press box and the many steps of Memorial Stadium. 
   It is a nice setup up there – I occasionally go up there before the game and leave before it begins. 
    I spend my time on the sidelines taking photos and hoping I get a good shot.  
   In focus is a plus. 
   Game officials get a little bossy about your proximity to the sideline. 
   Everyone who works the sidelines – coaches, players and everyone else is reminded to stay back. 
   After getting leveled by a referee who ran into me at full speed, I pay attention now. 

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