"Juggling family schedules for holiday season a careful balancing act" by: Jessica Shepard

   With the end of October this weekend, we’re looking forward to the holiday season and end of the year.
   Considering how COVID-19 has taken over this year, I’m hoping that it’ll have faded out of existence by 2021.
   But, that’s just wishful thinking and I’m not a medical doctor or professional on virology.
   All I know is that I’m tired of the pandemic sucking all the fun out of my usual expectations and traditions.
   Right now, the family is working out Thanksgiving dinner logistics and how to handle Christmas.
   As it stands, we’re looking at having Thanksgiving dinner the week before the actual calendar date for Thanksgiving.
   Christmas is still a hot mess of conflicting schedules, so, we’ll work on it more this weekend.
   I mean, we’re mostly trying to coordinate between my brother and sister’s jobs – and given that both of them are 90% working from home it should be easy, right?
   Sadly, that’s not how things are going at all and it’s frustrating, to say the least.
   We’ve arranged to start putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving this year as it is – which is highly irregular and totally cramping my style.
   It’s hard for me to change traditions and try to work out new events in my schedules.
   But, decorating for Christmas is one of my mom’s favorite thingsso, I’ll endure the change and negotiate to listening to only instrumental Christmas music.
   I’ve found that instrumental Christmas is much more bearable earlier in the holiday season than dealing with out-of-tune vocalists and bad covers of classic songs.
   If only big box retailers did the same thing!
   Luckily, we get plenty of time to shop locally and most of those proprietors lean toward instrumental or jazz music options.
   One thing’s for sure, I’m not putting up any Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over.
   Still, I’m excited for the first real cold front that’s sticking around this weekend and putting a wonderful chill in the air.
   Despite what my mom or sister might whine about – the rest of us love the cold weather and are soaking up as much as we can while it’s reasonable.
   I was reviewing the weather around the state and saw there was plenty of warnings for sleet or snow flurries and was instantly filled with envy.
   Granted, it would be a bit weird to have snow on Halloween, but, it would definitely look like a scene straight from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” – which is one of my all-time favorite movies.
   Speaking of Halloween, I’m glad to see so many entities coming together to make it somewhat fun for children and parents alike.
   I spent Tuesday morning combing through Facebook to compile a list of happenings for our readers and look forward to maybe participating in a few myself.
   Maybe next year things will finally settle into some normalcy and we’ll be able to hold more events and get back in the swing of things.   

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