"We want good behavior - this comes from how God wants people to live" by: Garlan Van Dyke

   You’ve heard it before folks, Jesus really is your friend. 
   It goes all the way back to the Garden. 
   God loved Adam and Eve. 
   Provided them everything they needed. 
   Things went awry of course. 
   A few years hence and everyone was running away from God. 
   It was not because God was mean, but because people have a penchant for being their own god.
   Look around the world and you can see the effects of sin – rebellion against God, our own attempts at godhood. 
   Two thousand years ago God decided it was time to help out His creation. 
   Jesus came to the earth. To those who believed on Him, through our present age, He gave the right to become God’s children. 
   We couldn’t be reconciled to God without Jesus. 
   God of the universe? That’s our Father!
   God’s people wear His name, certainly. 
   That means a number of truly great things. God’s name indicates His love for us. 
   That love is shown through Jesus leaving Heaven, dying on the cross so that all may have eternal life. 
   Sure, bad things happen to Christians but God promises eternal life. 
   Christians have physical and spiritual blessings you know.
   Christians belong to God. 
   No one, not even the devil, can take us away from Him. 
   We are His. We hear the Shepherd’s voice and we know who to go to for help, love, guidance, and care. 
   When God loves, how powerful His love must be because He is God!
   We wear God’s name because we choose to. 
   It makes all the sense in the world to believe in Him and conform to His will. 
   Doing His will makes earth a better place. 
   You want to see good behavior. No destructive riots, no murders, no adultery, no addictions, no teen pregnancies, no kidnapping, all of this comes from the way God wants people to live. 
   People often ask, “How come God doesn’t do something about all the evil?” 
   He has. He sent Jesus. Very few, comparatively few are listening.
   You understand I could go on quite a while why Jesus is our friend. 
   Life is hard at times. You know this. 
   Being with Jesus helps us get through those times. 
   We are super glad He is our Shepherd. 
   You could always ask me for more information if you’d like. I’d be happy to visit with you.

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