"Here’s to your health: COVID-19 vaccines are 90% effective " by: John Sample

   Just in case you missed the news about the equities markets with all the election news, the Dow is closing in on 30,000 due to Pfizer and Moderna announcements about vaccines that are more than 90% effective. 
   Apparently our long dark nightmare of 2020 may be coming to an end and I am not talking about Dec. 31. 
   I’ve said all along that the fourth quarter would be strong, but had to deal with a poor performance in the various indexes and averages in October. 
   November made up for that and December should find even more strength. 
   These vaccines are coming at a good time, as the numbers for Covid-19 are climbing daily.
   Living in a rather rural area, it is only in the last week that I have encountered a friend that has caught the virus. 
   However, I spend my weekends in and around Austin and that is whole different story. 
   As has been the case for others, one close friend was exposed and infected while visiting with friends over the previous weekend. 
   Sometimes you are just lucky, as I have qualified for a golf tournament over the last several years but was unable to this year due to prior commitments. 
   Of the 30-plus players, a dozen contracted the virus. It was due to the close proximity at the evening gatherings. 
   I mention this to hope your Thanksgiving celebrations go as planned, but be careful as this is real.
   One consequence of the announced vaccines is that some of the most shunned equity sectors are finding new favor. 
   The airlines and energy stocks are coming back.
   It would only seem logical that the cyclical stocks will advance as the economy displays continued signs of robust growth. 
   Some of the stay-at-home stocks that ran up now find some selling pressure. 
   That is not to say that growth stocks won’t continue to find favor, but there is no reason not to take a profit now and then.
   The real lesson is that the weight of an election is over and we can turn our attention to getting on with our lives with some hope that vaccines are here and will provide a vehicle for some normalcy. 
   What is so remarkable is that your yearly flu vaccines are touted to have only a 50/50 success rate. 
   It is remarkable what technology in a free enterprise system can accomplish. 
   Optimism is the real drug of choice that most should be addicted. 
   That mixed with a steady dose of reality can make for a steady path forward.    

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