"Jesus won’t stop working on our behalf" by: Betsy Monico

   Every time my oldest comes home she initiates a renovation project for us. 
   I am patiently waiting for her next organization kick or when she decides to tackle my closet. 
   I am not complaining about her energy or criticizing what she has conquered thus far. 
   The boy’s side of our hallway looks better. This weekend evidently was “revamp” little sister’s room. 
   They have painted furniture, cleaned, and now are on the last leg of putting it all back together. Several observations…
   Number one, paint is a miracle worker. With relatively little money, you can change the appearance of anything with a paint brush and a few hours. 
   Their rooms have all been transformed multiple times over the last few years. 
   The funny thing though is that even if you alter the walls and switch out who sleeps where and the contents of the closet - the real core, structure of the room still remains the same. 
   So often in life, we settle with covering up things and think a cover of paint or two is going to erase the real issue or repair the structural damage. 
   Well, in the world of home décor it happens; however, conversions in real life take much more than just a quick color change. 
   My Mom used to strip old furniture down to the very bottom, the original layer. That process is different. 
   We do not entertain it here yet…maybe one day when we find time. 
   Matt Redman’s song “The Heart of Worship” has been on my mind. It ties in and begins with, “When the music fades and all is stripped away…” 
   Search it up this week, listen to the beautiful lyrics, and take it in. You will be blessed, encouraged, and probably convicted. 
   Truthfully, when the music fades, ends, and only when we choose to deal with life can authentic transformation can take place. 
   Blaise is now fully engaged in the “goof off” stage of her room. 
   This step is worth pondering too. When we make a mess of something, we better be prepared to clean it up. 
   Much effort will be required. 
   Blaise is on her hands and knees with a bowl of soapy water with several cleaning products to erase the bloopers of paint that remain behind.
   When her room is put back together soon and victoriously finished, she obviously does not want to focus on their mishaps. Cleaning up is like being forgiven and ridden of sin. 
   I quote often and need to remind myself “A mess can be a message” and “A test can be a testimony.” 
   When Jesus is involved, both are true. Without Him, the mess will just get bigger. 
   The test, without the mighty hand of God, will also end up as a failing grade without any hope of redemption. 
   What all of this home, room-by-room renovation teaches me is that Jesus is at work and will not stop working on our behalf. 
   We typically only have the eyes to see our own circumstances. 
   We then sometimes avoid, ignore, and try to cover them up. That limited vision is normal and especially in 2020. 
   John 5:17 says, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I am working too.” 
   We need to know more than ever that we are working, but our work does not and cannot even compare to what is going on in the heavens. 
   Work hard this week in all that you do, but remember to rest and know that Jesus is working and loves you. 

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