"Wishing for a snow-white Christmas again this year" by: Jessica Shepard

   I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving these colder mornings and breezy afternoons more than the sweltering leftovers of summer that seem to be dragging by.
   Though I’ve lived in Matagorda County long enough to know that it is temporary and we’ll be back to spending afternoons indoors with the air conditioning cranked up to alleviate some of this oppressive humidity.
   That still doesn’t stop me from wishing for a white Christmas this year – like I do nearly every year!
   I was really spoiled when I was in San Angelo for college, they got actual winters and snow by the time Thanksgiving hit and it was a wonderful experience.
   I have to confess that I spent more time playing in the snow on those days than attending classes on campus.
   To put it in perspective, the last time I saw snow like that was 2011.
   That’s nearly a decade and I’m hoping even a few flurries make it this far south!
   It would be even more ideal to happen on a weekend so there are fewer folks traveling the roads and people can have some family time to enjoy the experience.
   Outside of that, I’m hoping and praying for people to stay safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
   The Matagorda Regional Medical Center announced 48 new cases in the past 14 days on Nov. 16.
   Plus, they added that they are seeing some possible reinfection cases – which makes the shadow looming over the holiday season just a bit darker.
   Several close friends have lost family members and other friends to the virus and aren’t looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas without their loved ones.
   I’m always grateful that my immediate family and select friends aren’t among the lost.
   However, with the flu season on the horizon, we’re lining out getting our flu shots for the whole household and reinforcing our healthy hygiene practices to stay safe.
   And as much as everyone hates the masks, we’re definitely embracing them for the time being and wearing them every time we interact with someone outside of our household.
   Or, you know when we’re patronizing local businesses.
   In my opinion, we’ve been under the face-covering mandate long enough that it really shouldn’t be any problem to follow it.
   Or, at least I thought so – I mean it seems easy enough to deal with now that you can buy masks in every pattern or design imaginable.
   There’s some specifically for kids that feature everything from superheroes to sequins and glitter to the plain cotton ones for adults.
   Not to mention, I’ve seen some adults sporting camouflage or leopard print to match their outfits.
   Either way, I’m fully endorsing wearing mine through the holiday season and might get something festive.
   After I saw some homecoming mum “themed” masks a few weeks ago, I’m pretty sure there will be “Ugly Christmas Sweater” masks just around the corner.
   Flu season ends mid-February, but, some activity has been noticed as late as May and that means you better find something comfortable to wear.
   Especially if you want your family and friends to stick around for the New Year.

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