Elaine Marie Carson Treybig

Elaine Treybig


May 11, 1928- November 30, 2020
   Elaine Marie Carson “Granny” Treybig was born May 11, 1928 to Samuel and Lydia Carson in Luling, Texas and departed her earthly home on November 30, 2020 at the age of 92.
   Sadly, She is preceded in death by all 4 of her daughters Susan Nell Rawlings, Sally Doreen Aaron, Joan Lorraine Starnes and just a year ago her first born Lydia Catherine Treybig as well as her granddaughter Susan Sterling.
   Her mother died shortly after her birth and she was 12 when her father remarried.
    After that she was essentially orphaned but a distant cousin Katherine Davis took her in and she lived with her until she graduated high school at 17. 
   Upon graduation she packed her suitcase and went to Georgetown, Texas and Southwestern University. 
   She told the Dean “I want an education but I don’t have any money but I will work”. 
   She was enrolled that day and received her bachelors in Education around 1950 and began her career as a teacher in El Campo, and finished her career at Linnie Roberts in Bay City.
   She married Ernest H. Treybig on May 31, 1953 and they had six children, first 4 daughters and then 2 sons. 
   After less than 15 years of marriage Harold was in a horrible wreck driving an oil truck for Layne Drilling. 
   He survived but was never the same due to serious brain injury and so at age 33 she became for all intents and purposes a single mother of 6 children. 
   She worked 4 jobs at a time and when she retired from teaching in the early ’80s she paid her last payment to Georgetown University and was a proud Alum from then on. 
   She then embarked on her next chapter, moved to Matagorda, and began running Rawlings Bait Camp.  
   After almost a decade, she and her firstborn son Buddy opened C & R Seafood and Bait at the drawbridge where she remained until the new bridge came in.
   By that time, she was well on her way to the next chapter when at 72 years old she became a paramedic. 
   When she could no longer do that she helped to found the latch key children with the Matagorda United Methodist Church for children whose parents worked and couldn’t be there when the kids got home from school.
   A lifelong Methodist, she embodied the principals of Christianity and “Love your neighbor as yourself” in her actions. 
   Many times she would give a total stranger a mother and children or some broke down fisherman the keys to her truck, a signed check.
   Or cash to fix whatever crisis they were in and more than once her kids would say she’d never see that again. 
   But just like her faith in God her faith in man was rewarded time and again when they’d bring her car back or sometimes months later a letter with a check thanking her for her kindness. 
   She never complained about her life and if anyone around her did she would simply start singing “Count your blessings name them one by one, Count your blessings see what God has done,” or tell you to brighten the corner where you’re at.
   She used the hymns humorously too.
   When her children would get up after sleeping in, they were serenaded with “Christ our Lord has risen today, Hallelujah.”
   This extraordinary woman lived life to the fullest. 
   She loved and supported her children and their children and on and on,
   She worked hard and ran several successful businesses and selflessly served her community and her church in so many ways. 
   She will be greatly missed but she lived a full life and embraced life in a way that somehow makes her passing less sad.  
   We celebrate Granny Treybig as she was known to pretty much everyone and are so grateful we had her as long as we did.
   She is survived by her son Buddy and wife Gina Treybig and son Carson Treybig of Matagorda who was her faithful and loving primary caregivers in her latter years.
   Grandchildren Chris Wilson of Austin April Deadrich (Ryan) of Lincoln, Ca. Katie Sterling (Chris) David Sterling and DeWalt Owens, John Rawlings Jr (Clint) Houston, Steven Rawlings (Nadine) Angela Baker (Greg) Trey Treybig (Emily) Tyler Treybig (Christina) Matagorda Annette Williams (Aaron) West Virginia, Marty Warnick (Nikki) and Robert Warnick (Ashley) of Maryland Nancy Slotman (Andy) and Katie Aaron of Wadsworth. And many great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. 
   Arrangements are with Taylor Bros Funeral Home in Bay City Tx.     

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