"COVID-19 numbers show 3rd wave here" by: Mike Reddell

   There have been 84 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Matagorda County since Nov. 28 and, in November, 155 new cases were double those in October.
   That’s what County Judge Nate McDonald reported at a Matagorda County Emergency Operation Center (EOC) update video Friday afternoon, Dec. 4.
   McDonald added the November count was 29% higher than September.
   Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) data on the MRMC website shows recent dates of new confirmed cases.
   Those include: Dec. 7, 14 new cases; Dec. 6, 9 new cases; Dec. 5, 12 new cases; Dec. 4, 21 new cases; Dec. 3, 8 new cases; Dec. 1, 14 new cases; Nov. 30, 10 new cases; Nov. 29, 13 new cases; and Nov. 28, 7 new cases.
   “It’s abundantly clear that the third wave of COVID-19 has begun in Matagorda County,” the judge remarked in the update.
   He noted that 75 people were tested for COVID-19 here last Thursday and 92 were tested Friday.
   Matagorda County has had 59 fatalities since March 15, including five in October and four in November, the judge said.
   DSHS shows there have been 1,343 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Matagorda County, with 1,197 people recovered.
   Presently there are 112 confirmed active cases.
   “This crisis is real,” the judge said.

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