"There is always something good, no matter how bad " by: John Sample

   Just in case you missed it due to the pandemic, the Dow has climbed 12,000 points since the March lows. 
   That unfortunately is going to do nothing for those unemployed and about to be evicted at the end of the month. 
   This where the rubber meets the road between the haves and have nots. 
   On an actual positive note, there are new testing methodologies that can be purchased at your local pharmacy, taken at home and provide same-day results.  
   This type of testing is the real key to temper the spread of COVID.  
   The vaccines are essential, but the ability to test at will with timely results will provide the public with the knowledge to know when to restrict any contact with others. 
   Like everything else, no guarantee, but knowledge is powerful. 
   On another good note, it appears that the Lone Star state is the in-place to do business. 
   All it took was for Elon Musk to call out the bureaucracy. 
   So far, Apple, Tesla, HP and Facebook have announced new facilities in Texas. 
      That is the one thing that free enterprise has proven: nothing is forever.  
   I hope you have had the wherewithal to stay the course with you equity investments this year. 
   As bad as 2020 will be remembered, at least your brokerage account will have recovered. 
   That of course begs the question of what is on the horizon. 
   I can only say that your investment should not be lost to fear or politics.

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