"Even if the world tells us to give up, God tells us to trust in him" by: Betsy Monico

   This “Sherri” story began in 2018. I shared her proactive journey to beat cancer in my column back then. 
   A local friend, with family history of breast cancer, was touched by Sherri’s brave move and sought her own genetic testing. 
   She is moving forward, thanks to Sherri. 
   For Sherri, I wish it was over; however, her battle has not yet been won. Please pray for her. 
   I begin this week’s column by recapping her brave step of prevention from 2018. 
   My friend Sherri sent me a picture of her new haircut. She is 55. 
   We met at Spice Village last year in Waco because she needed to talk. I needed to shop. 
   She lives in Horseshoe Bay. Her mother beat breast cancer. Sherri was brave, like many women I know, and voluntarily endured the BRCA2 tests. 
   Her results were positive. Instead of waiting and wishing, she prayed and began the process to get herself on the other side of cancer. Her doctors in Austin proved to be a gift. She used a husband/wife team and first underwent a hysterectomy. I was there for that one.
   We prayed, we sat, and we napped in uncomfortable hospital chairs until she was clear. Her recovery was amazing. 
   Sherri works at a vet clinic in Marble Falls. Her job is physical, mental, and emotional; however, she took her time and settled back in. 
   The next step was a double mastectomy. This handed her months of unexplainable complications, infections, and battles she did not anticipate.
   I contacted my faithful prayer team. They prayed. 
   Results from pathology showed she made a wise choice. Signs of cancer surfaced. “It” often does its own thing. I somehow lived and survived the “it” that we call cancer. 
   Looking back - when we talked, we never entertained anything negative, but felt the wise thing for her was to move ahead in the direction of prevention.
   2019 and a year later, she is still in the reconstructive stages, but is amazingly healthy and strong. Her countenance and radiant beauty can only be explained by the Lord. Sherri knows she chose this path for a reason. 
   She looks absolutely gorgeous! October, breast cancer awareness month, I share her story – her wisdom. She was proactive. The Lord nudged her. 
   Our flesh tells us to be idle and complacent. 
   The Lord often tells us to take a step into the unknown and to obediently follow Him. She encouraged me today. 
   I pray her story does the same for you. Walk in faith this week! This concludes my former column regarding Sherri. 
   2021... Right before she said good riddance to 2020, she attended her farewell exam. Her physician congratulated her and was about to leave the room, but paused and checked her lymph nodes, following proper protocol. 
   Sadly, yet thankfully – he discovered suspicious lumps under her arm. Sherri learned a few days ago that she has invasive ductal carcinoma. 
   Tests this upcoming week will detect if the cancer originated in her breast, the ones she voluntarily had removed, or in her lymph nodes. 
   Our phone conversations recently have been frequent. What gets us both, regarding her own personal saga, is that she bravely, voluntarily tried to prevent cancer. 
   She spent over two years, endured multiple surgeries and conquered several unanticipated infections, to avoid cancer. 
   And…she has it! 
   My thought tonight…what do we do - when we tried to do everything right and still find ourselves in a mess? 
   Our flesh, the world, would instruct us to give up, but God tells us to trust in Him. In John 14:1 Jesus says “Don’t be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me.” 
   That is my goal this week. Please join me.    

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