"Getting slammed with cold rain isn’t the same as fluffy snow" by: Jessica Shepard

   I know I’ve got a lot of opinions on the weather and I’m sure you’ve heard them all.
   However, I’m really annoyed at the sheer number of people that got snow last Sunday.
   My sister sent dozens of photos and video clips to use of how “cute” everything looked in Bryan with pristine snowfall on the ground.
   My brother David said that none of it stuck to the ground In the Dallas area, so, at least he knows some semblance of my annoyance.
   Though, to be fair, I’d have preferred to at least see snow falling rather than wading through puddles of chilling rain water before heading out to run errands and work.
   Granted that it’s also just really the start of our “winter” season, I’m certainly holding out hope to get snow in our area before it’s all over with.
   That means I’m keeping my fingers crossed as much as possible!
   I suppose in the end, so long as our heater is still working, I’ll be grateful regardless.
   The only other downside to having rain instead of snow is that I can’t see how the cats or dogs will react to it.
   After all, the last few times there was snow sticking to the ground here, I was away at college and didn’t get to experience it here at the house.
   However, with near or at-freezing temperatures just in time for our print deadline, we’re starting the fireplace to chase away any lingering chill once the sun goes down.
   I’m grateful for that too, because it makes our house that much cozier and it’s nearly the only time where the cats want to cuddle.
   Of course, if you’re a cat owner, you might know just how rarely that happens since our feline friends are more independent than dogs.
   I’ve also noticed that the cats who want to cuddle are the ones we rescued rather than the ones born here at the house.
   Honestly, that might be more of a genetic thing – I think.
   Either way, I’m still holding out hope for proper snow and praying that any residual water on the roads doesn’t turn into ice when night hits.
   I don’t think there’s many folks prepared for such a thing either!
   However, I fully encourage everyone to take care during these colder temperatures.
   Don’t forget to check on your neighbors, pets, plants and pipes and winterize them accordingly.
   Here at home we have to add chickens to that list since they need a heat lamp and lots of extra cracked corn to maintain their temperatures overnight.
   Plus, the more “sunlight” or heat they get, the more likely they are to lay eggs on a regular schedule.
   I have to admit, having fresh chicken eggs sure makes trips to the grocery store less of a thing since we’re stocked for baking season and breakfast.
   I’m still not as much of a fan of them as mom is, but, she sure sold me on the convenience of having those noisy hens!
   The roosters are a whole other problem, but, since they haven’t crowed at sunrise in a while, they’re no longer on my naughty list. 

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