"Pilson looks ahead toward 2021 goals" By Nicole Pilson Coastal & Marine Resources Texas A&M AgriLife Matagorda County

   Happy New Year! I hope you all were able to enjoy the holidays, get some rest, and (safely) spend time with family & friends. 
   It’s a new year filled with the promise of new opportunities, and I am excited to get started. 
   As we all get back into the swing of things, let’s take a look at some of things I am hoping to accomplish and do in Matagorda County this year.
   Last year, I was lucky enough to team up with a friend and colleague in Texas Parks & Wildlife and help further the research done on black gill in shrimp. 
   For 2021, the goal is to continue to further support this research and provide education regarding the parasite. 
   Speaking of shrimp, I got to eat plenty of it in 2020 and I don’t plan to stop now! 
   Maybe you were able to catch the short cooking videos I posted on the Matagorda County - Coastal & Marine Resources Facebook page and Instagram account (@matagordacountycmr). 
   It was so fun to find and create recipes using all sorts of local seafood, so much so that I plan to make a video each month this year. 
   Make sure you follow along on social media to help you get inspired for meal time! 
   The idea is to try some recipes with maybe less-popular seafood choices like croaker and squid.
   The buzz for the last couple years has been around oyster farming in Texas and I really hope this new venture gets to come out of its shell this year. 
   It’s quite the process and undertaking, but if anyone can make this happen - it’s Texans. Stay tuned for more information and education about oyster mariculture and maybe some behind-the-scenes looks at gear and the demo farm in Palacios. One thing Texas oyster growers will have to learn to work with is hurricanes and they have about four months to come up with their storm preparation…and so do you! 
   I know it feels like we just got out of that terrible 2020 hurricane season, but it’s never too early to start preparing. 
   Before it’s too late, I hope to provide some tips and information on how to be as best prepared as possible for whatever craziness the gulf decides to throw at us (please be nice, 2021). And to ensure the precious habitats and resources of Matagorda are protected, I will be partnering with the Matagorda Bay Foundation. 
   Together, we hope to bring awareness to our beloved bay system as well find ways to restore loss habitat and enhance the ecosystem.
   We have a fresh start and I cannot wait to see what the year has in store for all of us. 
   Want to stay up-to-date on the latest programs and projects of Extension? 
   Check us out at: https://matagorda.agrilife.org/. For all things coastal & marine, follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Cheers to new beginnings, Matagorda!

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