"Advertising makes newspaper business world go around" by: Jessica Shepard

   Lately, I’ve been privy to a few discussions on advertising and marketing for projects, groups, and events in our area.
   As a journalist covering some of these meetings, it’s just not kosher for me to insert myself into those discussions.
   My job is to report on the facts and convey the key information to our readers in the easiest way possible.
   Now, sometimes, during a public comment section, I’ll say something, or if I’m asked for my background knowledge and skills in the arena I’ll happily speak up.
   I may not had graduated with a physical degree in media/communications and sociology, but, I’ve spent over a decade as a freelance media specialist and worked for three newspapers and a magazine – I think I have a little leg up in that ring compared to most average folks.
   The hardest thing I have to listen to is hearing how a group has new members who think that they can try the “newest” fad and apply it to our area to make everything “better.”
   That includes putting out press releases, news updates for the public and advertising special events.
   And sadly, some of the group members want to rely heavily on social media advertising and word of mouth rather than putting ads in the newspaper.
   For the record, we put upcoming events in our “Community Calendar” section when we come across them online or they are submitted to us.
   But, with the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, it’s a struggle to find out if fundraisers are still on schedule or if a group is hosting their annual event in person or online.
   We welcome updates via social media and e-mail.
   Even a press release to help get the word out!
   But, there have also been groups who think that since we occasionally run a press release for free that that’s the only way they wish to do business with us.
   And that’s what it amounts to – business!
   We are a business and we do wish to help each and every organization that comes to us, but, without advertising revenue to keep the lights on and printer going – it just doesn’t work.
   In journalism, editorial content like a press release only runs if there is space paid for by advertising.
   In that vein, the more advertising we get the more content we can run for news, sports, events, press releases and so forth.
   For groups looking to get more involvement at a local level and beyond that means that even small ads speak volumes more than a wall of text and convey a reminder to our readers.
   After all, if the only place you see it is in our “Community Calendar” section, you might forget about it as soon as you read it instead of spotting an ad and getting to read the reason why a fundraiser is going on.
   Advertising is also a helpful nudge and shows the good faith that groups and businesses put in our newspaper and readership.
   It means they care enough to want to show you what they have to offer and to hopefully persuade you into shopping at their location or going to their event.   
   Besides, even if a group can’t create an advertisement, we’re always around to help design one!   

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