"Your investment question for the week: To Bitcoin or not?" by:John Sample

   A new week and Elon Musk is making news again as Tesla invested $1.5 billion of its capital into Bitcoin and announced that they plan to take the crypto currency as payment for Tesla vehicles in the future. 
   His investment moved Bitcoin above 44,000 in value. 
   There seems to be nothing that Mr. Musk touches that doesn’t increase in value. 
   The point seems to be that Mr. Musk understands where a millennial’s interests lie. 
   PayPal seems to feel the same way as they are working out the details to allow consumers to use Bitcoin in transactions. 
   Just another example of how nothing stays the same for long these days.
   As investors you must pay attention as money is a store of value and it is a means of conducting business. 
   As a U.S. citizen, you need to pay attention as the U.S. dollar being the current currency of choice worldwide could change. 
   We will see countries issue their own crypto currencies. 
   Never forget that gold for centuries held the position that crypto currencies are taking today. The question will be: Should crypto currencies actually become currency and not just an investment to offset the impact of inflation? 
   Of importance will be whether new crypto currencies will diminish the value of the current crypto currencies. 
   Moreover, in countries such as China, will their governments allow citizens to participate in using crypto currency for actual business activity? 
   That is the difference between a free enterprise economy and a totalitarian economy. 
   It is the same as assuming that just because something is accepted in the U.S. that it will be allowed in another country with different mores and values.
   I do think though that it is important for investors to stay vigilant in monitoring what in new around us. 
   You cannot afford in these markets to just buy and ignore. 
   I do think, however, social media has made the volatility of equities even more extreme. 
   I still see Bitcoin as an investment and not a substitute for the dollar, but that is today and tomorrow may bring a completely different reality. 

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