"Fox: Vaccine deliveries depend on multi-sites " by: Mike Reddell

   Several sites are the answer to getting COVID-19 vaccines delivered in Matagorda County, an MRMC official said this week.
   “Matagorda County truly needs multi-site vaccine distribution if we’re going to be effective in getting doses out quickly,” said Aaron Fox, MRMC’s Chief Business Development Officer and Public Information Officer.
   “When we checked the vaccine website this morning, our status moved to ‘in process,’ so we’re hoping to have between 1,000 and 1,400 new first doses for 1B patients in the next 14 days,” Fox added. 
   “I know WalMart and HEB both received just over 500 doses each last week, so combined with the pharmacies in town and the promise (or indication) of faster vaccine shipment from Austin, we’re moving in the right direction.” 
   Fox was asked about COVID-19 cases currently treated at MRMC.
   “On the COVID front, we’re holding our own at the hospital,” he said. 
   “Once or twice per week critically ill patients have to be held in the Emergency Room for longer than we’d like while they wait for a bed in ICU, but overall, admission and discharge rates have favored us in allowing for good patient throughput.
   “We’re still averaging in the double digits daily for new infections, so we seem to have plateaued for the moment,” Fox said. 

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