"It is cold and COVID-19 still seems unpredictable, but there is hope" by: Betsy Monico

   Going back to one of my favs from a few years ago.  
   This week reminded me to trust the Lord and give thanks for all of our random, not so random meetings and unforeseen circumstances.  
   When I was in grade school, I loved to color.  
   I also enjoyed completing word find puzzles.  
   I still work “word finds” the same.  
   I search through every line up and down, column by column until I find a word.  
   Circling a sought after word and marking it off of the word bank is satisfying.  
   Crosswords proved to be more challenging; still are.  
   “Dot to Dots” are my all-time favorite though. 
   When one dot connects with another and starts to transpire into what it is meant to be, it is phenomenal.  
   Maybe the “Dot to Dot” process is somewhat like the caterpillar to butterfly process; however, scientific transformations are not my focus this week.  
   When you begin a dot to dot, you place your pencil carefully on the first dot and draw a line to the next one and so on.  
   You continue this tedious process without really knowing what you will end up with. 
   You trust that the dots will connect and form something, but the something is unknown until what is on paper makes a connection and picture. 
   When finally the “something” appears out of nothing, you feel silly that you did not recognize it in the first place.  
   It requires going dot by dot and step by step.  
   You sure can use up a good eraser on a dot to dot if you are not careful. 
   My previous dot-to-dot column involved a family who came here during horrible hurricane conditions. 
   Tonight, I relate it to COVID-19 and this cold weather. My co-worker’s wife was really ill last week with COVID-19.  
   I shared the “Pate” battle already in my column. 
   Katy, the wife, is now home and doing well.  
   Our hallway keep on living without Mr. Pate at times, but we were all praying and doing everything we could to support them both.  
   We celebrated when he joined us. 
   Right about the time Pate got to bring his wife home from the hospital, we were all sent home because of dangerous and icy weather. 
   The movie “Frozen” taught us to sing – Do you want to build a snowman?  
   Well, yes!  
   We love and crave snow in Texas, but these conditions have thrown us all for a loop. 
   We might like to build a snowman, but it is too frigid to go out and build anything!!! 
   Thankfully, here on my home front, we have firewood and food.  
   I found an old Uno and Bingo incase my two teenagers get restless and decide to crawl out of their rooms and want to hang out. 
   I keep on thinking back to my childhood. 
   One winter comes to mind, maybe it was in 1983.  
   I have heard that year mentioned on the news. 
   My little brother and I fed cows and busted tanks with our Grandfather, Pa. He was a cautious, smart man; however, he let us skate on a tank. 
   We literally “skated” on what was once water. It was totally frozen around here and obviously on that body of water. 
   Since then, our area has experienced cold and some welcome snow, but nothing that paused our normal activities. 
   Yes, it is cold and COVID-19 still seems unpredictable, but there is hope. 
   Hope can be found in the pages of your Bible.  
   Isaiah 41:18-19 says, “I will open rivers on the bare heights and springs in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water and dry land a fountains of water.” 

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