"Reminder to be careful what I ask for when I want snow" by: Jessica Shepard

   When I envisioned a winter wonderland sort of landscape earlier last week, it was mainly viewed from the comfort of the couch and roaring fireplace.
   Instead, we’ve got some of the coldest days on record with snow flurries and a mess of frozen rain that just capped everything off with ice.
   It wasn’t my fondly remembered account of snow during my college days in San Angelo.
   No, this is the evil sort of arctic weather that reminds me why we live so far south anyway.
   And it’s the first time we’ve really experienced a long-term power outage for our house, too.
   Which, sadly, means we’re out of water and heat – two important life essentials.
   We’ve got both fireplaces and our emergency generator going – but it’s a struggle to keep the cold at bay.
   Layering up certainly helped some, but, overall I’d rather have the heater back on!
   Plus, we’re still trying to get the paper out on time and the only other time weather has impacted us so much has been 2017’s Hurricane Harvey.
   It reminds me to be careful what I wish for, since I’ve been asking for snow since October.
   Had I known then what I know now, I might not have wasted my birthday wish on snow that isn’t any fun.
   And I know it’s not just us – there’s thousands of folks who have been without power longer than us and I understand their pain and frustration.
   I was just hoping that a three-day weekend holiday, like President’s Day could cap off things with a fun snow day.
   All of my friends with children have tried to make the best of it with little clips of kids dancing in the snow or trying to stay warm with hot chocolate and family cuddling time under several blankets.
   I’m sure it’s much harder to keep children entertained when things get bad like this than it is for an adult.
   Still, we’ve got work to do to keep us occupied and we hope that everyone’s being safe.
   The weather outlook isn’t that great since we’re predicted to have another arctic burst of air just in time for the weekend.
   I don’t know about you, but, I’m really looking forward to that spring weather – the best weather, if you ask me!
   I just need to stay stocked up on allergy meds for when it finally hits.
   After all, we’re still on several waiting lists for the COVID-19 vaccine and want to make sure we follow all the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.
   And I’m finding that to be the only upside to wearing a mask in cold weather – at least I can feel my nose because my breath keeps my face warm.
   But, it does make seeing my breath a bit harder, which means that it’s obviously working to block and filter the air for my safety and yours.
   Either way, if you can see your breath indoors, I’d recommend bulking up with layers and making sure to wear a mask or face covering.  

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