"This will be a holiday week like no other" by: John Sample

   Well this holiday shortened trading week is starting off different than any I have experienced here in the Hill Country.  
  Woke up to no power and six inches of snow and the temperature was 5 degrees.  
   If there is good news, it is a sunny blue sky and my gas logs in the fireplace keep the house bearable.  
   I’m probably going to have to drive around to charge my cell phone.  
   At least with the sunup, I can catch up on reading. 
   So much for the weather report.  
   We got through last week with nothing much happening in the various indexes and averages.  
   The jobless rate rose a bit and it appears that though COVID rages on the vaccines are helping.  
   This all leads to the debate as to what the economy is going to look like.   
   Crude prices continue to climb to nearly $60 per barrel for West Texas Intermediate.  
   So much for selling energy stocks last year due to a change in administration.
   Earnings reports keep coming in that are better than expected. 
   For me, it just seems that 2021 has a real chance to push GDP beyond 3%.  
   I am not saying we are headed for boom days, but I don’t foresee a bust.
   As such you are left to continue to ride the high flying FANG train or stockpile dividend paying equities.  
   I have been doing a bit of both.  
   Of interest will be trying to figure out what could derail the train later this year.  
   Your guess is good or better than mine.


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